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[Niigata] Tsubamesanjo-style ramen at Seiryu (中華飯店 聖龍)


I got to Niigata station past 10 a.m., and went to Seiryu (中華飯店 聖龍) that is casual Chinese foods restaurant. Seiryu is open from 10:30 a.m., so it’s good for late breakfast. When I got to there, there were about 1/3 of tables were occupied. Local people love this restaurant. The chef worked at Fukuraitei (福来亭) that was very popular Tsubamesnjo-style ramen shop. The chef make noodles in the shop.

Most of tables have four seats. Only one table have two seats. So, I was seated there because I was there by myself. This photo was take from the seats. And there’re counter seats and kitchen at the back of the restaurant.

Menu. Ramen, bowl, fried rice and curry. It’s like local eatery. 聖龍ラーメン (Seiryu ramen) is their standard ramen.

And they have “service menu”. Ramen or wonton, rice, salad and dessert cost you only 800 yen !

This is gyoza. It had much meat juice. And it had much garlic. It’s normal and authentic gyoza. I like this. Enough. I think its skin is made by chef.

Gyoza (ギョーザ) 440 yen

If you say “ramen”, they serve this. Seiryu ramen. This is typical Tsubamesanjo-style ramen having much pork back fat. And it had soup stock of niboshi (dried sardine). It’s sour a bit because of niboshi. It had bamboo shoot (menma), green onion and roast pork.

This curly noodles had springy texture and was good. It went with the soup.


Name Seiryu (中華飯店 聖龍)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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