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[Ichikawa] Bed and breakfast at Ichikawa Grand Hotel (市川グランドホテル)


I stayed in Ichikawa Grand Hotel (市川グランドホテル) because I had something to do at Ichikawa. Bed and breakfast. Speaking of Grand Hotel, I imagine they are luxury hotel when I was a child. But now they are in BBH Hotels group and offer simple service at inexpensive price. There’re not many hotels around Ichikawa station. So, they are precious hotel. It takes only 5 minutes walk from the station.

There’re elevators on the right as soon as we enter into the building from the entrance on the 1st floor.

Front desk floor. And lobby. Those decoration and furniture is luxury. But it’s gloomy because they save electric power.

I stayed in this semi-double room. There’s a coat hanger at the entrance.

Because of covid19, now so many hotels have air cleaner. It’s essential for me because I’m suffering from hay fever.

It’s double bed. For two person ? Umm. Narrow. One persone is enough.Though I was there by myself, there’re two pajamas.

Shelf. Cup, glass, tea, dryer, and pot.


Bathroom. Small. There’s no amenity. If we need, we can get what we want at the shelf close to the front desk.

Bathtub is very small.

View from my room. The residential building in front of the hotel can be seen.

As I said, amenity is prepared on the shelf close to the front desk on the 1st floor. And some floors have such a shelf having amenity in front of the elevator.

And this is another shelf in front of the elevator. It have shampoo, hair conditioner and so on. It’s only for ladies. Well, everyone can get though :p

I got what I want to use from the shelf. I like KNOLL. I use ZIRA for my body. Good flavor.

Breakfast. The restaurant is on the 6th floor. The staff gave me a breakfast ticket when Check-in.

Breakfast is available from 7 to 9 a.m. Buffet.The restaurant is quite small compared with the capacity of the hotel. So, it was packed when I got to there. They have curry.

I got raw egg and onsen tamago :p

Plum jelly and coffee after breakfast. There’re drink bars there, too.

There’s a lobby on the 8th floor. There’re much manga books, massage chairs. We can enjoy with free of charge. The massage was awesome.


Name Ichikawa Grand Hotel (市川グランドホテル)
IN / Out 3 p.m. / 10 a.m.
Reservation Agoda.com

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