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[Niigata] Coffee Club Higashi-Odori branch (珈琲倶楽部 東大通店)


I had much time until check-in time of my hotel, so I killed time at this Coffee Club Higashi-Odori branch (珈琲倶楽部 東大通店) cafe nearby. I expected they are packed because it was the middle of lunchtime, but fortunately there were many vacant seats. I think it’s because it was weekday and it was past 1 p.m.

It takes about 10 minutes walk from Niigata station. The ceiling is high and the room is larger. Each tables have four chairs. I felt so comfortable.

When I entered the cafe, everyone had lunch. Certainly, they have a variety of foods like sandwich, omurice (omuraisu), toast, spaghetti and so on.

Also they have breakfast menu.

I had it. Andes coffee jelly and hot coffee set. Inexpensive.

Andes coffee jelly and hot coffee set (アンデスコーヒーゼリーとホットコーヒーのセット) 680 yen

Whey I decided to kill time at this cafe is it. This coffee jelly looked yummy. Andes coffee jelly. It cost 480 yen separately. It had square-shaped coffee jelly, and soft serve and whipped cream on it. That’s something wild. This coffee jelly had light flavor and it have no bitterness. I like it.

Hot coffee. Blended coffee. It had light and refreshing tastes, too. It had a little sourness. It went with the coffee jelly with soft serve 🙂


Name Coffee Club Higashi-Odori branch (珈琲倶楽部 東大通店)
Open Morning through evening
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