[Osaka] MIKI FRUITS CAFE (ミキフルーツカフェ) in Nishi-Ohashi

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We searched for good fruits parfait suitable for after lunch in Osaka. And we found MIKI FRUITS CAFE (ミキフルーツカフェ). They aren’t large shop. So, they usually have much people waiting outside. When we got to there, there wasn’t vacant table. So, we waited for 10 minutes. This cafe is managed by banana specialty store.

We ordered an assorted cut fruits set. It have an assorted cut fruits on a plate and one drink. We chose a melon juice.

Assorted cut fruits set (カットフルーツセット) 850 yen

The melon juice wasn’t good. It was tasteless and sour.

But assorted fruits was excellent ! Persimmon, tomato, avocado, orange, kiwi fruits, strawberry and banana and so on. Especially the banana was sweet all the same.

And this is mango parfait.

Mango parfait (マンゴーパフェ) 1800 yen

Those pieces of mango was sweet and tasted good ! But I think… it don’t need strawberries. Sourness of strawberries disturbed. Especially, there were much strawberries at the bottom.


Name Miki Fruits Cafe (ミキフルーツカフェ)
Open Lunch through dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Rakuten

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