Parfait / パフェ


[Ginza] Tea break with parfait at Ranzu (和蘭豆)

I wanted to have something sweet things after lunch in GInza, so I visited Ranzu (和蘭豆). They are long-established cafe ...

[Asakusa] Taiyo no tamago parfait at Fruits Parlor Goto (フルーツパーラーゴトー)

We visited Asakusa last weekend to have mango at Fruits Parlor GOTo (フルーツパーラーゴトー). They serve seasonal fresh fruits pa...

Yotsuya-Sanchome : Long-awated fig parfait (フクナガフルーツパーラー)

Congratulations ! Completed seasonal parfaits at Fukunaga ! Fukunaga Fruits Parlor serves seasonal fresh fruits parfai...

[Osaka] MIKI FRUITS CAFE (ミキフルーツカフェ) in Nishi-Ohashi

We searched for good fruits parfait suitable for after lunch in Osaka. And we found MIKI FRUITS CAFE (ミキフルーツカフェ). They ...
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