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[Tsudanuma] Ramen Hissho-ken (必勝軒)


Hissho-ken (必勝軒) is my delight ramen shop within my living area. They are along Marronnier Street. Speaking of ” Marronnier Street”, I know there´s same name´s street at Ginza. Though there are lots of restaurants and shops along the busy street at Ginza, this street have only a few shop. I always get to this shop before opening because they are so popular and many people gather before the opening time. That time, too. When I got to there, at least fifteen people were already there.

I followed the line. After that, some people followed me. Shopkeeper likes chatting. He was talking to guests all the time. I could enter the shop just after the opening time.

Ramen (Small) with wonton. Full of soup in the bowl. At first, I tried to order normal ramen, but the shopkeeper said to me that small one is better for me. And the shopkeeper put more noodles and soup than normal small size 🙂

I had never eaten such a noodles. Like a soft plastic. These noodles more easily absorbe the soup. This noodles goes this soup well. It is a pork bone broth ramen. Thickness of pork bone broth, flavor of fishes and soy sauce soup. I gave up to drink up the soup. It was too salt for drinking up.


Name Hissho-ken (必勝軒)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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