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Closed – [Funabashi] Suji (零一弐三) in Higashi-Kaijin


I visited Suji (零一弐三) that is popular ramen shop close to Higashi-Kaijin station.
Maybe now they are the most popular ramen shop in Chiba prefecture. But they are still new. They have started their business in 2017.

The chef who is also a manager worked at Chibakara (serving Jiro-style ramen) that is also popular ramen shop in Kokubunji-dai of Ichihara where I was born. So, I wanted to visit there.
Also he worked in Ibuki that is popular ramen shop as sardine ramen in the west area of Tokyo. At first they served both fatty ramen as well as Chibakara and sardine ramen like Ibuki.
But now he stopped serving fatty ramen because the shortage of manpower.

There’re L-Shaped counter surrounding the kitchen. Don’t be seated even there’re vacant seats before the chef say anything. He do everything about the shop by himself. He’ll get confused if you are seated before he confirm. After he confirm, he’ll say to you “Please be seated there”.

So, now they are sardine ramen shop. Normal sardine ramen and rich sardine ramen.
But when I visit there at late, rich sardine ramen is always sold out.
Standard sardine ramen is soy sauce soup. But you can change it to salt soup (+30 yen)

Jiro-like plastic tickets 🙂
There’re only about 10 counter seats.

Dried sardine ramen (750 yen) with ajitama (100 yen).The abundant smell of dried sardine soup is awesome. I can’t help drinking it up. And I was surprised at this amount of roast pork and the price. Thick roast pork was fatty and delicious. And another fresh onion, green onion and laver.

Narrow straight noodles dressed with sardine soup without unpleasant tastes is awesome. I think fresh onion is best topping of sardine ramen.

Because the amount of noodles is not large. So, there are many men who add noodles. The shop prepare kaedama (替え玉 / additional noodles without seasoned / 100 yen) and aedama (和え玉 / additional noodles seasoned with sauce / 200 yen)
Additional order is one time only. Because the chef work there alone, he need to save his power.

This is aedama. It is seasoned, so eating it only is enough good. And also putting it into the sardine soup is good, too. One aedama give me two “yummy”. That is to say, Suji give me three “yummy” 🙂 The noodles of aedama is same as one in sardine ramen.

Though we have to wait longer, it’s well worth walking to there.


Name Suji (零一弐三)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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