Temporarily closed – [Tokyo] Dumplings at Ranshu (餃子の店 蘭州) in Keisei Tateishi

Ranshu (餃子の店 蘭州) in Keisei-Tateishi moved next to the police office. I already visited there for several times after mo...

Closed – [Tokyo] Weekdays’ lunch at Dhaba India (ダバインディア) in Kyobashi

Speaking of Indian foods in Tokyo, many people say Dhaba India (ダバインディア) in Kyobashi at first. They are long-establishe...

Closed – [Ginza] Soft serve at Nakahora Farm (なかほら牧場)

Soft serve made of fresh halal milk can be eaten this shop in Matsuya Ginza. Nakahora Farm is a real farm located Iwate prefecture and we can get their products made of the milk at the center of Ginza.

Closed – [Hakodate] Ichibatei (市場亭) in Hakodate Jiyu market

Speaking of breakfast in Hakodate, market occur to us. Of course, I visited there for breakfast. But not well-known Hak...

Closed – [Ginza] Shark’s fin ramen at Yoshinari (よしなり) in Ginza

I heard there's a ramen shop who serve ramen in collagen-rich soup with shark's fin. I found they are located on the 4t...

Closed – [Honolulu] Egg benedict at Hau Tree Lanai

*New Otani Kaimana Beach hotel rebrands as Kaimana beach hotel and Hau tree Lanai closed. And Hau tree lanai rebrands H...

Closed – [Honolulu] ALOHA CONFECTIONERY in Alamoana Center

Speaking of cold sweets in Hawaii, everyone imagine shave ice at first. But I don't like the rough shave ice because it...

Closed – [Ginza] Boba tea at Chatime Ginza

There're so many Taiwanese boba tea shops in Tokyo. How many shops survive in the world at the end of 2020 ? A branch o...

Closed – [Tsukiji] Asahikawa ramen at Densho Ramen Hokuto (伝承ラーメン北都)

Popular ramen shop named Inoue along Monzeki street quit their business because of fire, but there's another ramen sho...

Closed – [Tokyo] Edokko (江戸っ子) in Keisei-Tateishi

Recently I visit Uchida in Keisei-Tateishi area so frequently. When I visit there by myself, I go back to my home after...

Closed – [Tsukiji] Niboshi ramen at Tsukiji Okawara (つきじ大河原)

"Tsukiji Tori Shokudo (築地とり食堂)" was one of the shop where I wanted to visit. But unfortunately they closed. Instead of ...

Closed – [Ginza] Yakitoridon at Isehiro Ginzaten (伊勢廣 銀座店)

If I'm asked from someone, "What meat do you like best?". I'll answer, "chicken!". I love chicken. Especially, yakitori...

Closed – [Funabashi] Suji (零一弐三) in Higashi-Kaijin

I visited Suji (零一弐三) that is popular ramen shop close to Higashi-Kaijin station.Maybe now they are the most popular ra...

Closed – [Tokyo] Chinese restaurant Keiraku (純広東料理 慶楽) in Yurakucho

I visited Canton cuisine Keiraku (純広東料理 慶楽) in Yurakucho that is so popular as fried rice in soup.There are always muc...
ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)

Closed – [Kanazawa] Beef steak at Hiyoko (ビーフステーキの店 ひよこ)

I heard there's a popular steak restaurant in the shanty in the residential district.The restaurant's name isHiyoko (ビー...
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