Moved – [Higashi Funabashi] Sardine-centric dinner at Funakko (ふなっ子)

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Speaking of sardine dishes, I remember, sashimi, namerou, grilled, and iwashi mentai. That’s all. But Funakko (ふなっ子) in Higashi Funabashi area have a variety of sardine dishes. This wall have an atmosphere of port town 🙂

Otoshi and my drink. Otoshi is included in table charge. Most izakaya require table (300-700 yen) charge and serve small dish as otoshi. That day’s otoshi was boiled vegetables.

This is sardine yukkhoe. Roughly minced sardine and sauce like yukkhoe. I like it. Its sardines didn’t have much fat, so it was just good with sesame oil and yolk of quail’s egg.

Sardine yukkhoe (いわしのユッケ) 580 yen

And this is sadines namerou. Roughly minced sardine with green onion, miso and so on. It was served with plum vinegar and ginger. This is a local food of Chiba prefecture. But now it’s common way of eating sardine and horse mackerel. It’s my delight. But I didn’t need the vinegar. It’s enough great without vinegar.

Sardine namerou (いわしのなめろう) 580 yen

Raw laver. This was the first time to eat laver as raw. I can’t forget its texture.

Raw laver yakko (生のりやっこ) 580 yen

Sardine croquette. Whole sardine dressed with coating was fried deeply. It have potato having curry flavor in it. Truthfully speaking, it’s heavy for me because of potato. My stomach felt bloated with the potatoes 😛

Sardine croquette (いわしコロッケ) 580 yen

Deep fried asari clam. They are sardine-centric restaurant, but they are proud of their asari clam. Asari clam is a specialty of this town, Funabashi.

Deep fried asari clams (あさりのフライ) 680 yen

Mehikari karaage. Mehikari is Chlorophthalmus borealis. Small fishes like smelt fish.

Mehikari karaage (メヒカリの唐揚げ) 630 yen

We found the word kakifurai on the menu. We couldn’t help ordering it. Kakifurai is deep fried oysters. We love it. It’s enough large and juicy.

Kakifurai (カキフライ) 630 yen

Oh, we ate much deep fried foods. I forgot to take the picture, but we also ate soft roe tempura. And this is sardine sangayaki. Sangayaki is roasted namerou. Though it’s good, it’s well cooked.

Sardine sangayaki (いわしのさんが焼き) 700 yen

The best way of eating sardine for me is iwashi mentai. Iwashi means sardine and mentai is mentaiko. Mentaiko is marinated cod roe with spicy sauce. Those pink things are mentaiko. Heaven.

Iwashi mentai (いわし明太) 680 yen

Beef tendon with ponzu sauce. It’s not good. This say we’d better eat only seafoods there.

Beef tendon with ponzu sauce (牛すじぽん酢) 700 yen

Last, we had minced sardine balls soup. The soup is simple wakame seaweed soup. I think it’s better if the soup have extract of seafood like konbu seaweed and so on. But those balls were good.

Minced sardine balls soup (いわしのつみれ) 580 yen


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