Moved – [Tokyo] Scallop curry at Curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ) in Kinshicho

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One day, I intended tp go back to home directly after my work. But suddenly I wanted to go to Curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ) while working. So, I telephoned the shop and reserved my seat.

This shop have only about 10 seats. And the shopkeeper don’t allow guests waiting in front of the shop because he want guests to eat his curry with comfortable, being not rushed. They accept reservations, so if you come from afar, you’d better reserve without fail.

“Akimbo” serves curry and appetizer set by 1300 yen at dinner time. We can’t order only curry at nights. That day’s appetizer, from left to right,  pickled deep fried saury, fried sweet potatoes and pickled vegetables.

Everything was very good. Because I never thought to go somewhere after my work that day, so I was in thin clothes. So, I gave up drinking alcoholic drink.

We can choice our curry from three kinds of curries. Chicken curry, lamb keema curry and weekly special curry. That day’s weekly special curry was scallop curry and I love scallop, so I ordered a scallop curry.

Scallop curry (ほたてカレー)

Hot spiciness, pungent taste of ginger, sweetness of onions, flavor of coriander and taste of scallop…… it had a delicate tastes !

It differed from Japanese normal curry. Not Indian curry. Also not European curry. Akimbo’s original curry ! It tasted so good. Extremely good. And very spicy !

I ordered tea with spice and milk after curry. It had much taste of cinnamon and ginger. But it also differ from chai.

Tea with spice and milk (スパイスミルクティー) 400 yen

Akimbo really serves high level of originality foods and drinks ! It’s pickled ginger with sugar. It came with my tea. Sweet and tasty. It went with my tea well.

I went back to home with thinking of Akimbo’s tasty curry and I decided going to Akimbo again soon without fail. Thanks to effective of ginger, I didn’t feel chill very much.


Name Curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable
URL Instagram

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