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Moved – [Tsukiji] Kichiji rockfish hotpot and oyster hotpot at Fujimura (ふじむら)


Fujimura (ふじむら) in Tsukiji has started to serve hotpot dishes, so we went to there to eat hotpot. I usually go to there at lunchtime because I love their kakifurai.

My drink was Japanese sake that is named Kuroobi. That’s a Junmaishu (made without added alcohol or sugar).

Kuroobi (黒帯)

Otoshi was monkfish liver. It tasted like fish cake.

Monkfish liver (あん肝)

We ordered special hotpots for 8 people in advance. But of course, we ate another dishes, too.

At first, sashimi. Left is angel prawn. I heard that it is called “Obsiblue prawn” in Europe and the United States. Right is yellowtail. Yellow tail in this season is sooo fatty 😀

Assorted three sashimi (お刺身三点盛り) 2800 yen

Ark shell. Its texture and taste was very good.

The chef fried those head of prawns deeply. Its brain was sweet and tasted good. It was crisp.

Sausage fry is not on the menus, but my acquaintance who is regular customer of Fujimura ordered specially because he love it. So I don’t know its price and I didn’t ask him. Kakifurai was huge as usual. Kakifurai is deep fried oyster.

Sausage fry (ウインナーフライ) and kakifurai (牡蠣フライ, 2000 yen)

And then, that day’s entree came ! My friend ordered two hotpots. This is kichiji rockfish hotpot.

Kichiji rockfish hotpot (キンキ鍋) 2800 yen

Kichiji rockfish is stunningly fatty fish. As you see, plenty of fat was floating on the surface.

This soup was seasoned very lightly, so we ate it with ponzu and condiments.

And another, oyster hotpot was cooked beside me. It was miso-flavored soup. Both was goood !!!

Oyster hotpot (かき鍋) 1800 yen

Last, we put rice into those soup and ate. Needless to say, it’s awesome.

Ah, that’s not last 😛 We added two dishes. Cod roe tempura.

Cod roe tempura (白子の天ぷら) 900 yen

Grilled conger eel. The conger eel is thin and grilled well. So, it’s crisp.

Grilled conger eel (すし屋の穴子焼き) 950 yen


Name Fujimura (ふじむら)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Instagram

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