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[Yotsuya Sanchome] Shoyu ramen with crab oil at Ganko Ramen (がんこ一条流ラーメン総本家)


Now I think Ganko’s ramen is far the best ramen for me. I want to eat their ramen regularly. Ganko Ramen (がんこ一条流ラーメン総本家) is located in Yotsuya area. They are really difficult to find because there’s no signboard ouside the building and they are at the back of the building.

This shop’s shopkeeper is origin of “Ganko” and there are several ramen shops that are named “Ganko” and ran by his pupils. When I got to there the other day, there were about 6 people waiting in front of the shop. It was already past 2 p.m. and it was rain.

His ramen is very salty. But I love the salty ramen. Recently there are many ramen shops serving healthy and light taste ramen, but I think ramen is salty and bad for our health.
So, I don’t eat ramen so frequently though I love ramen.

The shopkeeper said he didn’t have enough ingredients for our ramen. So he cooked special ramen (Less ingredients ) for us. Ordinary their ramen is 880 yen. But he said 780 yen is OK.

shoyu ramen with swimming crabs oil, and less ingredients (醤油ラーメンカニ油トッピング少ないやつ) 780 yen

I ordered a shoyu ramen with swimming crabs oil. But I couldn’t find the tastes of swimming crabs at all because the tastes of soy sauce was strong. But it was delicious. And more, the half-boiled egg was awesome !! The roast pork was melted in my mouth quickly.


Name Ganko (がんこ一条流ラーメン総本家)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Twitter

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