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[Kamata] Manso-style Pancake at Civitas


I couldn’t visit Manso serving great pancake. Manso was too popular for decades and is sill loved by many people but they went out of their business a few years ago. It’s great regret. But we heard there is a cafe named Civitas that have recipe of the pancake and serve. So we went to there. The kissaten is in the building of Tokyu Plaza connected to JR Kamata station. On the 4th floor.

I ordered strawberry pancake.

Strawberry pancake (ストロベリーホットケーキ) 730 yen

Toppings were served separately.

Topping is served separately.

That pancake wasn’t too sweet and its surface was crisp and its inside was soft. It was very tasty. But this ice cream was toooooo sweet for me. And the sauce (Condense milk ?), too. They serve simple pancake without any decorations. So anyone who don’t like very sweet foods would be better eat that.

the tea refreshing my mouth.

Tea (紅茶) 570 yen

Ordinary I want my tea with sugar, but I didn’t need any sugar because the toppings were too sweet.


Name Civitas (シビタス)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Tokyu Plaza Kamata Officials

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