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[Ginza] Coffee break at Sanjikken (珈琲 三十間)


I felt like having coffee break after having lunch at Ginza and I went to this Sanjikken (珈琲 三十間). This cafe is managed by Yanaka Coffee (やなか珈琲) that is a coffee beans shop. They are located at the back of small shrine named Asahi Inari shrine.

Yanaka Coffee sell coffee beans mainly and they have a small space to drink coffee beside. But Sanjikken is a comfortable cafe. Of course, they sell coffee beans. They have tables having four seats each only.

Drinks. Rather expensive compared with another cafe in Ginza. Coffee is from 820 yen.

Dessert. Those desserts are rather expensive, too. But if you order it with drink, you can have them 200 yen off. And I found they are valuable cafe because of another reason. Because of the higher prices, the cafe have relaxed atmosphere and we can enjoy coffee time comfortably.

I ordered chiffon cake because somehow I felt hungry a bit. It have whipped cream and ice cream with cake. If you don’t need ice cream, they offer -100 yen off.

Chiffon cake (シフォンケーキ) 800 yen

The cake was so fluffy. And the whipped cream is very light. Both wasn’t too sweet. Delicious. Though the cake was large, it’s very light. So, I ate it up soon.

I ordered Today’s coffee. You might think 800 yen is expensive a bit. But look at it. They serve coffee in a pot. It have roughly 2 cups of cofee. They think guests enjoy coffee slowly. By the way, that day’s Today’s coffee was Mandheling Super of Indonesia.

Today’s coffee (本日のコーヒー) 800 yen

About the coffee beans. Wow. It have coffee bean ! This explanation said it have medium sourness and bitterness. But I felt it have stronger sourness.

And I felt more sourness after I put milk into the coffee. But it have good balance because of the smooth texture of milk.

They serve warm milk foam. Plenty.

Many cafes in Ginza is busy and noisy. I was glad that I could meet such a good cafe.

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