Pancake / パンケーキ / 薄烤饼


[Honolulu] Taro banana pancake at Bogart’s Cafe

Bogart's Cafe located along Montsarrat avenue is my longing cafe that I had wanted to visit for a long time. Finally, I...

[Kamata] Manso-style Pancake at Civitas

I couldn't visit Manso serving great pancake. Manso was too popular for decades and is sill loved by many people but th...

[Tokyo] Pancake at Chaka (茶香) in Kita-Senjyu

I think this was the first time to visit Kita-Senjyu. There's a busy shopping street. After a few minutes walk from the...

[Osaka] Pancake at Cafe Mog Namba (mog難波店)

When I walked around Namba area, we found this cafe and it attracted us. So, we visited there the next day. Cafe Mog Na...

[Tokyo] Hot cake and French toast at Mijinco (みじんこ) in Ochanomizu

My friend took me to the cafe named Mijinco (みじんこ) that serve good hot cake. They are located in Ochanomizu area and cl...

[Funabashi] Breakfast at Hoshino Coffee (星乃珈琲店)

Hoshino Coffee (星乃珈琲店) is managed by Doutor that is one of the most popular cafe chain store in Japan. And they have hi...
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