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[Roppongi] Chinese local dishes at Kuronekoyoru (黒猫夜)


I had eaten Chinese cuisine several times, but I had never met such an eccentric dishes. I had dinner at Kuronekoyoru (黒猫夜) with my friends. They serve Chinese local dishes and they use rare foodstuff, for example tortoise, frog, duck’s brain and so on. This is a door of Kuronekoyoru. It looks like a entrance of room that is held dubious party 🙂


I had rose tea. Much rose petal was in the pot. Beautiful.

Rose tea (バラ茶, 580 yen)

Otoshi. It’s included in table charge. From left to right, vegetables, peanuts and bamboo shoot.


Antipasto. Tortoise is not food.

Antipasto (前菜盛り合わせ) 3600 yen

This is duck’s brain. It’s like soft roe.

Duck’s brain (鴨の脳みそ) 680 yen
Century egg (ピータン盛り) 420 yen

This was the first tome to eat duck’s tongue. It didn’t have much meat.

Fried duck’s tongue (百家風鴨舌の炒め) 980 yen

Pig’s colon. Though I ate pig’s colon frequently. But this was the first time to see whole of it.

Deep fried pig’s colon (豚大腸カリカリ一本揚げ) 1100 yen
Spring rolls with oysters and seaweed (牡蠣と岩海苔の磯春巻き) 680 yen
Assorted split roasted mutton and duck (串焼き盛り合わせ) 780 yen

This mapo tofu was my tastes. Not very spicy, but delicious.

Mapo tofu (正宗麻婆豆腐) 950 yen
Chinese pork ham (自家製中国ハム) 780 yen

Rice gruel. The soup had abundant extract of chicken, vegetables and so on. Delicious.

Rice gruel with baby birds and seasonal vegetables , Cantonese style (ひな鳥と季節野菜の広東風薬膳粥) 1500 yen

Flat fish. It’s good. But too much green onion. Do you think so ?

Steamed flatfish (カレイの姿蒸し) 1800 yen
Stir-fried prawn in chili sauce (芝エビチリソース煮込み) 1100 yen

Sweet and sour pork. Chunk of meat was served. And we cut it into four pieces. This is mine. It’s like pork steak !

Sweet and sour pork (黒酢風特製酢豚) 1600 yen
Boiled sesami dumplings (ゆでゴマ団子) 480 yen

I like it in all the dishes that I had at the restaurant. Normal :p

When we ate dessert, eight treasure tea was served. Beautiful. It’s included in table charge, too.

Though we ate much unusual foods this time, they have much popular Chinese foods, too.


Name Kuronekoyoru Roppongi branch (黒猫夜 六本木店)
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