[Tokyo] Karaage at Honmaru (築地 本丸) in Tsukishima

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I was so impressed by the deep fried shrimps when I ate at Honmaru (築地 本丸) last time. So I visited there to have lunch again.

Tsukishima is attractive for tourists as “Monja town”, but isn’t crowded at weekdays’ lunchtime. Well, that day’s my target was, yes ! My delight. Karaage !

I felt very hot because the chef cook deep fried foods in front of me last time. But I found the extremely left seat is not hot. So, I was seated there this time. And my karaage set was served after a while.

Karaage set (唐揚げ定食) 780 yen

So much rice in the bowl as before. And five pieces of karaage doesn’t seem to be much. But, those were larger than average. These karaage had much meat juices !  That’s terrific ! It went with mayonnaise very well. With lemon was good, too.

But I don’t like the salted sauce with lemon flavor. It’s sour and sweet. I didn’t use it at all. They offer free refills of karaage. But I couldn’t eat more. I want to go there again soon, but I have so many restaurants that I want to visit around my office. I’ll try another restaurants for a time being.


Name Tsukiji Honmaru (築地本丸)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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