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[Ginza] Sea urchin bowl at Sushi Ogawa (すし小川)


Sushi Ogawa (すし小川) located in Ginza area serve valuable lunch set.They are sushi restaurant. Of course, they serve sushi at lunchtime, their sea urchin bowl (uni-don) is splendid and I recommend to all people who like sea urchin !

Sea urchin bowl cost only 2300yen ! Inexpensive ! And here is Ginza !

There’s a L-shaped counter table surrounding the kitchen. And there’re some tables and also tatami room. It looks not so fancy atmosphere. They have cozy and homey atmosphere.

They have lunch menus. Sashimi bowl and sushi set and so on. Sushi looked yummy. Because one chef everything in the kitchen, so it takes much time.

Lunch menu

All lunch set have small dish. Sprouts tasted like Korean namul. I waited and ate it and saw the chef put much sea urchin on the rice. My eyes were glued on it.

This is sea urchin bowl set. Sea urchin bowl and miso soup. The chef recommend to eat half of it with salt. And another half of it is with soy soy sauce.

Sea urchin bowl (うに丼) 1650 yen

The rice was vinegared rice by red vinegar. The quality of sea urchin is not excellent. But good. The value of the sea urchin bowl is not quality. Anyway, it’s for people who want to eat much sea urchin !

I think it have half of sea urchin in a box.He ran out and took out bowl of the sea urchin one after another.

¥5,979 (2024/06/12 03:56時点 | 楽天市場調べ)


Name Sushi Ogawa (すし小川)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only

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