(Moved) Imai (焼鳥 今井) in Sendagi

Notice: Yakitori-imai is temporarily closed to move to Gaienmae area close to Harajuku and Omotesando.

Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井) in Omotesando
Larger, more inexpensive and comfortable. Yakitori Imai has moved from Sendagi to Omotesando last November. Their restaurant larger than before. Though there're only counter seats, now th...

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Oyakodon on Sundays’ lunchtime only.

I followed my friends for having oyakodon at Yakitori Imai who are regular customer of there at lunchtime on Sundays only.
They go to there almost all Sundays 🙂
Also I had wanted to go to there for a long time. I enjoyed the dinner at Imai a lot last time and some people said to me that Imai’s oyakodon is the best in all oyakodon that they have had ever.

(Moved) Sendagi : Dinner at Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井)
Notice: Yakitori-imai is temporarily closed to move to Gaienmae area close to Harajuku and Omotesando. Grilled foods that go with wine well. My friend asked me to join dinner at Yakitori Im...

When I got to there 30 minutes before the opening time, there were already about 8 persons in front of the shop.

Long Line, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

ずっと行きたいと思っていた日曜の「焼鳥 今井」に行ってきましたよ!

Basically they serve this oyakodon only at lunchtime.

Signboard of lunchtime, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


That day’s lunch menu was
* Oyakodon 1000 yen
(With Cochin’s liver + 300 yen, Kyo-age + 100 yen, extra meat + 300 yen)
* Jyo(Deluxe) Oyakodon 1500 yen
(With Jyo chicken’s liver + 300 yen)
* BARBARIE duck’s oyakodon +1500 yen
(With Foie gras + 300 yen)

* Less rice – 50 yen, Large rice + 100 yen
Lunch menu on the blackboard is hanged on the wall.

I chose Oyakodon with cochin’s liver ,less rice (親子丼 コーチンもつ入り ごはん小もり) (total 1250 yen).
It takes much time because only one chef cook carefully. But he cook in front of us and we can see his act well. So,  we don’t get tired of waiting.


Plenty of Cochin’s liver and chicken’s meat dressed with half-cooked eggs !

Oyakodon, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


While eating, the chef put keema curry and coriander besides my oyakodon to change the tastes. So, I tried it. This keema curry itself was delicious. But I needed more coriander because I love it !

But you might imagine, adding keema and coriander completely change the taste of it. So, you have to be careful about the timing. You’d better put coriander and keema curry after you enjoy basic oyakodon to the full. I put keema and coriander after I ate half of the oyakodon and I regretted a bit :p

Added keema, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


I agree this is the No.1 Oyakodon ever. Of course, Torito, Tatsunoji serve delicious oyakodon at lower price. But it is a gorgeous one and I want to eat it some time in special 🙂

About Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井)

Address / 2-29-4 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Sendagi station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 18:00 – 22:00
Sundays lunchtime / 11:00 – 14:00 (Oyakodon only)
Closed / Mondays

Twitter / @yakitoriimai



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