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[Tokyo] Oyster season at Cutlet Yotsuya Takeda (かつれつ四谷たけだ) in Yotsuya


Many people says Cutlet Yotsuya Takeda (かつれつ四谷たけだ) serve awesome fried oysters with butter. But I hadn’t been to there during oyster season because there’s a very long line by people waiting. But finally, I visited there for oysters. They mostly serve oysters from the end of October to the end of February.

So many people wait about 1:30 hours before the opening time.

I thought 10 minutes before the opening time is enough good to secure seat just after the opening time because it’s weekday. But I went to there 30 minutes before the opening time because I had some schedule after that. And I was surprised. There was already 15 people and I gave up to secure seats just after the opening time and I tried to follow the line. But I found another line along the large road.

I didn’t know the rule of waiting at all, but I realized without information :p I followed the line along the large road. I was about the 20th.

Cutlet Yotsuya Takeda used to be a popular Yoshoku restaurant named Yoshoku Elise (洋食エリーゼ) and the son filled his father’s shoes.

This is the menu. They serve those foods all year around except oysters. They serve oysters from October to April. Deep fried oysters (100g) is 1700 yen and fried oysters with butter is 1900 yen. Rice and miso soup included. They accept order of large helping of oysters.

Menu. Cutlet, minced cutlet, chicken cutlet, seafood cutlet…

This is menu of curry, large helping of foods, toppins, and drinks.

Menu. We can have extra deep fried foods. 2 pieces of kakifurai is 440 yen

This is the fried oysters with butter set. They took my order while waiting outside. So, those were served 10 minutes after I was seated.

Fried oysters with butter set (カキバター焼き定食) 1900 yen

It’s not large helping of oysters. But it had 5 oysters ! It’s enough for me. And the bacon bisides the oyster had plenty of extract of oysters with butter. So, it’s delicious. The oysters outside was crisp just a little, and inside was soft and juicy. The butter sauce having extracts of oysters is the best dressing of shredded cabbage.

Fried oysters with butter

I wanted to eat deep fried oysters, too. So, I added 2 pieces of deep fried oysters. It was far larger than expected. But it was good choice ! Both fried oysters with butter and deep fried oysters is MUST. Those oysters was on the bed made of homemade tartar sauce. The sauce was delicious, too. At first, it was too much for only two deep fried oysters. Actually, it was too much. But I ate leftover sauce with cabbage.

Two pieces of kakifurai (Deep fried oysters / カキフライ2個) 560 yen


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