[Tokyo] Dinner at Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井)

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Larger, more inexpensive and comfortable.

Yakitori Imai has moved from Sendagi to Omotesando last November.

Moved – [Tokyo] Dinner at Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井) in Sendagi
My friend asked me to join dinner at Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井) in Sendagi area. They are high-populated yakitori restaurant.

Their restaurant larger than before. Though there’re only counter seats, now they can accept 30 people.

The kitchen is large, clean and fresh !
They seem to be comfortable.

And we can reserve on the internet in advance.
And now they prepare more inexpensive and lighter course with 3800 yen.
The explanation of the Course is very simple.

Chicken soup, liver putty, 6 portions of yakitori, today’s grilled vegetables and fresh vegetables.

It’s a suitable course for you when you want to drink and eat lightly. So, we ordered it.

Ordering one drink is required. So, I ordered beer 🙂
And first thing in the course was served. Chicken soup (鳥スープ).

Liver putty (レバーパテ).

Isobemaki of chicken breast tender (鳥ささみの磯辺巻き)
Isobemaki is rolled foods with laver. Inside of the chicken is raw.

Liver (レバー)

Like Snap pea (スナップエンドウ)

Tsukune (つくね). Speaking of tsukune in Yakitori Imai, we remember tsukune with coriander. But this didn’t have coriander. So, we were surprised. Of course, it was juicy and good.

Grated Daikon radish (大根おろし)

Gizzard (砂肝)

Lamb meat (ラム)

White asparagus (ホワイトアスパラ)

Negima (ねぎま)

champignon (シャンピニオン)
Luxury kind of mushroom.

And last of the course. Salad

Everything was delicious as well as that they used to be in Sendagi.

If you want to eat more, you can order another foods. Some guests order course only.
But of course, we weren’t full yet :p

They have meals menus. Unfortunately they prepare Japanese menu only.
Yakitori donabe mabushi (焼鳥土鍋まぶし) means takikomigohan with yakitori cooked in earthenware pot. And of course, Oyakodon (親子丼) is on the menu as they used to be in Sendagi.

One Yakitori Donabe Mabushi (焼鳥土鍋まぶし, 1200 yen) have two bowls of rice. My friend and I shared one. It had strong tastes but so good. The smell of yakitori and the rice was great. Though I felt full, I could eat it up !

And I ordered more four portions of yakitori. (400 yen each)

Hearts (ハツ).

Cartilage (ナンコツ).

sot-l’y-laisse (ソリ).

Tsukune with coriander (パクチー入りつくね).
We wanted to eat tsukune having coriander all the same. So, we ordered it. We love it all the same.

Truthfully speaking, their old house that they used to be in was my delight tastes, so I was disappointed when I heard that they quit their business in the old house in Sendagi.
But their new restaurant is awesome. And the quality of their food was nothing to be changed. So, I was relieved 🙂

If you go to there just after the opening time, there’s a high possibility you will be able to get your seats without reservation. Of course, reservation in advance is the best.


Name Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井)
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