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[Tokyo] Winter tastes at Yamadaya (やまだや) in Tsukiji


I had dinner party with my friends at Yamadaya (やまだや). Here’s Tsukiji. Of course, they have much fresh seafood, and also have fresh vegetables !

That day’s menu. They have much seasonal foods.

Otoshi (appetizer). Buri-daikon. Boiled bones of yellowtail, hard tofu and vegetables.

Otoshi. Buri-daikon.

Heated vegetables with bonito sauce. This bonito sauce is called “Heshiko”. Heshiko is marinated bonito.

Heated vegetables with bonito sauce (いろいろ浸し野菜 特製鰹ソース添え) 787 yen

Sashimi. Lightly grilled bonito with straw, yellowtail (Buri) from Hokkaido, kawahagi from Oita and Japanese sea perch (Hira-suzuki) from Nagasaki. And white thing on this side is liver of kawahagi. We ate it with meat of kawahagi.

Lightly grilled bonito (わら焼き戻りカツオのタタキ, 1200 yen)
yellowtail from Hokkaido (北海道産ブリ, 1155 yen)
kawahgi from Oita (大分産活〆カワハギ, 1365 yen)
Japanese sea perch from Nagasaki (長崎産平スズキ, 1050 yen)

Yamadaya bacons. This is smoked bacons. Left small bowl had pickled vegetables in it.

Yamadaya bacons (やまだやベーコン) 525 yen

Ikura on salmon potato salads. It looks like a precious stone.

Ikura on salmon potato salads (鮭とイクラのポテトサラダ) 945 yen

Oysters. Left dish is raw oysters and right one is steamed oysters with nori

raw oysters(生がき, 785 yen), steamed oysters with nori (蒸しがき, 840 yen)

Locally raised chicken salad with Pecorino flavor. Its dressing is thick and so tasty.

Locally raised chicken salad with Pecorino flavor (地鶏サラダペコリーノチーズ風味) 945 yen

Karaage. Yamadaya’s karaage is awesome.

Karaage (モモ唐揚げ) 1365 yen

Handmade scallop cream croquette

Handmade scallop cream croquette (手作り帆立貝クリームコロッケ) 840 yen for 4 pieces

A lily bulb and soft tamagoyaki. Cherry tomatoes’ soup had a little sour tastes, and tamagoyaki was light and soft as its name.

A lily bulb and soft tamagoyaki (百合根ふわふわ卵焼き) 892 yen

Special Seikogani crab. I didn’t know about snow crab at all. The big snow crabs that I knew well was male. Female snow crab is far smaller than male snow crab. And Female have plenty of tasty eggs. Indeed, it was delicious. Especially Seikogani is special female crab. It is only two month period that it is legal to catch female snow crab. Just now !

Special Seikogani crab (特製セイコガニ) 1365 yen

Ready for splendid alfonsino shabu-shabu. At first, we boiled bony parts of splendid alfonsino to make soup stock. And then we ate those meats.

Splendid alfonsino shabu-shabu (金目しゃぶしゃぶ) 2310 yen

After that we put vegetables into the boiling water. This boiling water had abundant taste of splendid alfosino 😀

Then, Dipping the slices of splendid alfonsino for several seconds. The staff said, it’s good for eating as raw. So, there’s no need to boil longer.

After eating, the waiter made soup from the boiling water. There were much taste of splendid alfonsino.

Left over soup in the hotpot.

Mackerels and persimmon with dressing

mackerels and persimmon with dressing (サバと柿のあえもの) 840 yen

Ebi-imo(taro) dressed with a thick starchy seikogani sauce

Ebi-imo(taro) dressed with a thick starchy seikogani sauce (エビ芋セイコカニあんかけ) 1155 yen

Takikomi gohan cooked by earthen pot. Main ingredients were seikogani. Wooow. Tastes of heaven.

Takikomi gohan cooking by earthen pot (本日の土鍋ごはん) 945 yen

We happened to find the menu of rice and soup. We didn’t know the existence.

Meals menu.

So, we ordered two from this menu.
Fried rice with smoked barracud, zha cai and cryptotaenia

Fried rice with smoked barracud, zha cai and cryptotaenia
(自家製のカマススモークとザーサイと三つ葉の炒めごはん) 787 yen

Yamadaya special curry

Yamadaya special curry (やまだや特製カレー) 892 yen

This curry was thick with collagen of chicken’s skin. This day’s best dish!


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