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[Tsukiji] Yakitori bowl at Totoya (とゝや)


After we enjoyed eating at Isonoya inside Tsukiji Market, we went to Totoya (とゝや) outside of the market. Totoya is yakitori restaurant and they are open at lunchtime only. You might think why we eat yakitori, not seafood. Some wholesalers of meat is in Tsukiji, so we can also eat awesome chicken and beef ! Totoya is one of the restaurant !

They have yakitori bowl only. This is my normal yakitori bowl. Their yakitori is so juicy. I love it. And the sauce is not too sweets. So, it go with spicy miso (= kanzuri) very well

Yakitori bowl (焼き鳥丼) 1150 yen

This is my friend’s service bowl. It have yakitori and tsukune on the rice. Tsukune is called meat balls. But as you see, it’s not ball. It’s square. Hamburger steak ? :p

Service bowl (サービス丼) 1050 yen

Of course, Yonehana’s yakitori is awesome. But this shop’s yakitori is good, too 🙂 We also ordered nikogori. Nikogori is jelly. it have chicken meat and the jelly is seasoned by soy sauce and ginger. I put some red pepper on it. It’s good.

Nikogori (にこごり) 200 yen


Name Totoya (とゝや)
Open Lunch
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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