[Tokyo] Wakuitei (わくい亭) in Honjo-Azumabashi

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I went to the restaurant , not so far from Tokyo Skytree.
It is so popular as big minced cutlet.

I heard that this is western-style restaurant 🙁
No matter how I look at it, it never seems western-style !

Appetizer. Boiled burdock and beefmeats.

It was tasty, but it was never western foods 🙁

That day’s menu.

Left is Japanese foods, and right is western foods. Probably…

Sashimi. Lean meat of tuna, sea urchin, and abalone.

Lean meat of tuna (赤身 850 yen), sea urchin(うに 800 yen) and abalone (鮑 1200 yen)

I didn’t have any good expectations as seafoods , but so fresh and good.

Especially, this abalone … !

Clam steamed in Japanese sake.

Clam steamed in Japanese sake (はまぐりの酒蒸し) 600 yen

I liked it best in all dishes that I had at the restaurant that day.The ingredients is clams, water and salt.That’s all. Still, why does it so delicious ?

Fried fruit tomato with basil.

Fried fruit tomato with basil (フルーツトマトバジル炒め) 650 yen

Minced cutlet.

Minced cutlet (メンチカツ) 600 yen

I heard it is so big, but it wasn’t so big as I expected. I expected too much :p

But it had lots of juice !!! Really good 🙂

Boiled conger eel.

Boiled conger eel (煮穴子) 800 yen

Chicken’s liver putty.

Chickens liver putty (鶏レバーパテ) 650 yen

Big and thick putty ! I wanted to take it home ! And I wanted to put it on my favorite baguette. That baguette was not good. Just pity…

Fried pork fillet with black vinegar.

Fried pork fillet with black vinegar (豚ヒレ黒酢炒め) 800 yen

I didn’t understand first, but pork and vinegar ! It is sweet and sour pork !

I had only a bite. But I hate it(T_T)

Grilled salted special mackerel.

Grilled salted special mackerel (上さば塩焼き) 1300 yen

Whitebait kakiage.

Whitebait kakiage (白魚のかき揚げ) 650 yen

So crisp !

Pickled beef tongue with soy sauce.

Pickled beef tongue with soy sauce (牛タンしょうゆ漬) 700 yen

It tasted like liver 🙂  I liked it, though I felt strange at first.

Stewed wagyu beef with red wine.

Stewed wagyu beef with red wine (和牛の赤ワイン煮) 1200 yen

The stewed meat was so soft, and I could cut by my chopsticks easily.

Cutlet sandwich.

Cutlet sandwich (カツサンド) 850 yen

I want to go on a picnic with this sandwich 😀
I don’t think it is western-style foods restaurant.

Everything except sweet and sour pork was tasty.
But I think it is izakaya. Absolutely 😛


Name Wakuitei (わくい亭)
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