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Closed – [Tsukiji] Niboshi ramen at Tsukiji Okawara (つきじ大河原)


“Tsukiji Tori Shokudo (築地とり食堂)” was one of the shop where I wanted to visit. But unfortunately they closed. Instead of that, there’s a new ramen shop named Tsukiji Okawara (つきじ大河原).

Their ramen is niboshi ramen (dried sardine ramen). The black signboard is cool. Here’s Tsukiji. There’re many stores selling niboshi, but somehow Tsukiji don’t have ramen shop serving niboshi ramen. Finally !

Across the road. Outstanding 🙂

As soon as you enter the shop, there’s a ticket vending machine on the left. And about 6 counter seats over the machine. Also there’re tables and counter seats on the 2nd floor. Though 1F is narrow, 2F is bright and wider. And also there’s a TV.

Their soup have dried sardine broth. And there’re two types of soup. Light soup having chicken broth (淡麗) and Thick soup having pork bone broth (濃厚). And each have ramen and tsukemen. You can have spicy one with extra 50 yen.

They have such a small rice having roast pork. Small roast pork bowl (ミニチャーシュー丼, 100 yen).

Basic dried sardine ramen (煮干し中華そば) is 750 yen. And Special dried sardine ramen having all toppings (特製煮干し中華そば) is 900 yen. So, I ordered Special one.

I waited for a while on the 2nd floor and my ramen was served soon. This is Special dried sardine ramen.

Special dried sardine ramen (特製煮干し中華そば) 900 yen

Those sliced roast pork was thin as expected. It cost only 150 yen. So. But fatty roast pork was good. Half-boiled egg was good. But I want they use better laver because here’s Tsukiji.

The noodles are thin and smooth.

I love dried sardine soup. And I love strong bitterness and flavor of sardine. But it don’t have much flavor of sardine. So, I think people who love sardine soup like me won’t be satisfied with it. But I also think all people can accept the tastes.

They prepare niboshi powder and niboshi oil on the table. So, if you need more flavor of niboshi, you can adjust. I did, too.

Though there’s not on the table, if you say to the staff, they serve grated garlic and grated onion without charge. So, though the tastes are light, you can change your ramen to your favorite tastes.


Name Tsukiji Okawara (つきじ大河原)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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