Shirakawa ramen in Chiba (Matsuhidai)

Shio ramen with boiled tasted egg and wanton, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai) Chiba

“There is a branch of so famous Shirakawa ramen shop near Matsuhidai station”
My friend said, so I followed him to there. Though I didn’t know “Matsuhidai” at all.
Only I knew was that Matsuhidai is in Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture.
On arriving at the station, I was surprised, because there was nothing !
More rural than Nanakodai station that I went before.

Tora Shokudo branch
Signboard and Matsuhidai station, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

I could see the shop from the station. Also I could see the station from the shop.
Of course, those are close, but furthermore, there are no obstract !

Well, the shop stands on such a rural area, but there were much people waiting in front of the shop.

The shop have a wide range of parking lot and the shop is large, too. It is more local eatery than ramen shop.

The shop serves shoyu(soy sauce) ramen and shio(salted) ramen.
Shirakawa ramen is a local ramen of Fukushima.
Menus, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

Recently I like shio ramen very much, so I ordered a shio ramen with wonton and half-boiled egg.
*Shio ramen with wonton and half-boiled egg (塩ワンタン麺味玉入り) 950 yen
Shio ramen with boiled tasted egg and wanton, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

These wonton was soft and springy 😀
Wanton, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

The narrow noodles was good, too. It tasted good.
noodles, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

The soup was quite lightly seasoned. It differed from now popular taste. Now, soup that have much taste of fish, pork or chicken is so popular.

My friend ordered shoyu ramen with roast pork, wonton and half-boiled egg.
*Shoyu ramen with roast pork, wonton and half-boiled egg (焼豚ワンタン麺味玉入り) 1100 yen
Shoyu ramen with boiled pork and wanton and boiled egg, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

I tasted it, it was also lightly seasoned all the same.

This “の” is cute 🙂
Shoyu ramen'sの, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

There are chopped onions in a bottle on the table. The waitress said, “please put them into the soup on the way and enjoy the change of the taste.”

So, My friend and I did.
With onion, Tora Shokudo Matsudo-branch (Matsuhidai)

I prefer it !
With a good flavor of onions, more tasty !
I felt the shoyu ramen, too.

I had heard that each local ramen in Fukushima is lightly seasoned (Nevertheless I hadn’t eaten), and I found it is true concerning Shirakawa ramen.

Tora Shokudo Bunten (とら食堂 分店)
1-8-6 Kamishiki, Matsudo-shi, Chiba
Open – from 11:00 to 14:30, from 17:00 until the soup out
Holiday – Tuesdays (In case it is national holiday, the following day becomes a holiday)


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    If you come across the recipe for ramen I’m all ears 🙂 I love these soups but I never quite make them the way Japanese do

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