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Closed – [Motoyawata] Ichikawa Issaan Tachigui corner (市川一茶庵 立食いコーナー)


There’s a long-established soba shop in front of Motoyawata station that attracted me for a long time. The shop’s name is Ichikawa Issan (市川一茶庵). They are so popular soba restaurant and this is a branch of them. But we can’t see from outside and it was hard to try. But finally, we tried their soba !

Issaan started their business about 50 years ago and now they have two restaurants and those are side by side. One is ordinary soba restaurant and another is stand-up-eating soba shop. “Tachigui” means stand-up-eating. We tried the stand-up-eating shop this time.

The name have “stand-up-eating”, but actually, there’re chairs along the counter table. So strictly speaking, they are not stand-up-eating shop :p

They don’t have many words on the menus. And I ordered niku nanban soba. “Niku” means meat. “Nanban” means green onion when the word is used in the name of soba. As you see, it have much green onion. This “Niku” is pork meat 🙂 It’s soba in hot soup.

Niku nanban soba (肉南蛮そば) 890 yen

This strong soup went with the soba well. The fat of pork meat was light. The noodle was cooked soft. I like it.

My friend ordered this. Duck nanban soba. The soba and hot soup is served separately. Duck’s fat is sweeter than pork’s. So, the soup was sweet. But it was good. It had much ingredients in the soup, so he couldn’t put soba into the soup with easily. At first he ate some ingredients. Also I got the shiitake mushroom 🙂

Duck nanban soba (鴨南蛮そば) 1080 yen

And croquette. I forgot the price. It was good. Its coating was crisp and the chef put soba soup onto the croquette before serving. Croquette is normal toppings for soba. But it make the soup cloudy, so the chef serve it separately and put the soup onto it.

Croquette (コロッケ)

I want to visit another restaurant of Issaan next time 🙂


Name Ichikawa Issaan Tachigui corner (市川一茶庵 立ち食いコーナー)
Open Lunch
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