Now eel is hard to reach for me (>_<) (Bakuroyokoyama)

Unajyu, Tonomura (Bakuroyokoyama) CITY GUIDE
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Today is Midsummer Day of the Ox.
It is customary for Japanese to eat an eel on the Ox day, in order to take nourishment and overcome the heat.

But I didn’t eat eel today because I thought shops are so crowd.
Instead of that, I had eaten eel the other day in advance.

Appearance, Tonomura (Bakuroyokoyama)

To my sad, the shop had gone out of their business. I knew that a few days ago.
The wholesale price of eel is rising. So, shop price is rising, too. But it is hard for shops to rise their shop price as the proportionate degree.
Many shops gave up their business. I think the number of those shops will be increasing.

So I won’t be able to eat eels so fluently more.

I met eel after a long long time 😀
Whole view, Tonomura (Bakuroyokoyama)
I don’t remember exactly when I ate unajyu last. Though I ate Una-don at Yonehana.
Unajyu is in a box, and una-don is in a bowl. Unajyu is more expensive.

*Clear soup with eel liver (肝吸い) 100 yen

The smell of Japanese honewort made me forget that I was in a small hut.

*Unajyu – superfine (うな重 特上) 2800 yen
Unajyu, Tonomura (Bakuroyokoyama)

Well….. so delicious ! I was about to forget the taste …. 🙁
I ate up with having a special feeling and tasting well.

When next can I see the eel?

Tonomura (との村)
14-5 Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 14:30
Holiday – Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays


  1. Emperor says:

    Aw, good luck finding more places with eel. I’ve never tasted eel but it looks delicious.

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