Eels / 鰻


[Tokyo] Valuable unadon at Kubota (うなぎ久保田) in Kanda

I visited Unagi Kubota (うなぎ久保田) that was born in 1839. They are long-established eel restaurant and they use farm-raise...

[Tokyo] Inexpensive unadon at Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし) in Kiba

I’m eating much eels this summer. And I explore new eel restaurant today, too. Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし) is located between Ki...

[Ginza] Unagi Hyotanya 1chome (ひょうたん屋一丁目店)

I like unagi (eel) very much. But unagi is expensive a bit. So, I always search for good unagi restaurant at inexpensiv...

[Tokyo] Unadon at Chikuyotei Main Store (竹葉亭本店) in Tsukiji

Now eel became luxury food. And eel is being designated as an endangered species and it'll be hard to reach more and mo...

[Tokyo] Unagi at Akagaki (赤垣) in Hatsudai

I wanted to try some eels restaurant. One of the restaurant is Akagaki (赤垣) in Hatsudai close to Shinjuku area. They ar...
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