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[Ginza] Pike conger and flathead at Ginza Shimada (銀座しまだ)


We visited Ginza Shimada (銀座しまだ) again ! This was the third time to visit there. I finally could go there without getting lost ! It stands by the narrow back of the street. So, if you go there first, you’ll be unable to find the izakaya easily. Basically, they’re stand-up-eating izakaya, but we took a reservation of only four seats in advance and went to there.

My drink was Japanese sake !

We toasted and ordered some foods.

Boiled octopus  (蛸の柔らか煮) 800 yen

This octopus was soft and chewy. It got much stock and it was flavory.

lathead sashimi (こち刺身) 800 yen

It had springy texture and tasted good. Now is the high season !

Grilled heart clam(鳥貝あぶり) 800 yen

Simply grilled with salt.
It seemed to be overdone…. 😛

Sea urchin with spiny lobster jelly (ウニの伊勢海老ジュレがけ) 1600 yen

Umm. Certainly it was tasty, but the jelly didn’t have much taste of spiny lobster.in stead of that, it tasted bonito stock. But the sea urchin was sweet and good. Perhaps, now catching spiny lobsters is forbidden, they might be unable to get spiny lobsters at good price.

Kuruma prawn and lily root kakiage (車海老と百合根のかきあげ) 1400 yen

The lily root was good 😉

Grilled pike conger as half raw(鱧の焼霜造り) 1200 yen

I liked it best in all foods that I had that day. It looks good, too 🙂

Grilled pike conger with salt (鱧の白焼き) 1200 yen

It was simply grilled with salt.I think that day’s pike conger was perfect !!

Snow crabs cream croquette(ズワイガニのクリームコロッケ) 1400 yen

It was good as usual.Lots of crab meat in it.

Sweet and sour flathead (コチの唐揚げ甘酢餡かけ) 1000 yen

It tasted good, but the sauce was strong and I like the sauce more weak.

Grilled Japanese black wagyu with sesami sauce (黒毛和牛焼き胡麻ソースがけ) 1600 yen

The beef meat was great as last time,but it seemed the thick sesami flavor diminished the taste of the meet.

Grilled quails with sichuan pepper (ウズラの山椒焼き) 1200 yen

It had much Sichuan pepper. Good !

Small beef cutlet (一口ビーフカツ) 1200 yen

Only this cutlet was not good. Those meats were hard.

Karasumi soba (からすみ蕎麦) 1600 yen

We ate soba with mullet roe last. It was good all the same. Plenty of mullet roe ! I wanna go there soon without reservation !


Name Ginza Shimada (銀座しまだ)
Open Dinner
Credit card Available
Reservation Available
URL Website, Instagram

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