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Closed – [Tokyo] New Indian restaurant, Spice Bar NICO (スパイスバー ニコ) in Kiyosumi Shirakawa


Recently I’m always eating curry….
I went to the bar to eat curry that day, too.

Spice Bar Nico

It opened just last month and it is already popular.
And I already went to there twice 😛 And I’ll go there with my friend next week again.

ちょっと異国情緒漂う外観のSpice Bar Nico。

There are only 7 seats in the bar, so it is necessary for you to reserve if you want to eat without fail. Of course, we did.
We reserved 3000 yen course in advance.

At first, we toasted with drinks.
Lassie (ラッシー) and Ram chai(ラムチャイ)


Papad (パパド)


It had smokey taste and it was crispy. I ate up immidiately 🙂

Seasonal vegetables acharl (季節野菜のアチャール)


Eggplant and pleurotus eryngii.

Gizzard confit (砂肝のコンフィ)
The texture was not gizzard that I know. The texture and taste was like shell. Sooo tasty.


Garbanzo bean spicy salads(ひよこ豆のスパイシーサラダ)


Gorgonzola cheese kulcha (ゴルゴンゾーラチーズのクルチャ)


I had never eaten such a tasty cheese kulcha ! Cheese flooded ! It was sweet because dried fig and honey were in it.

Tandoori dish (タンドール)


Tandoori chicken, garlic chicken and flavory grilled shrimp. I hadn’t eaten such a spicy, tasty tandoori dish ! Awesome bar !
The green sauce was spinach and coriander. It tasted a little sour.

Basmati rice (バスマティライス)


Yellowtail coconuts curry, rassam, pork bindaloo and pepper chicken curry.


Chicken curry was best for me, but yellowtail coconuts curry was good, too. So creamy. In the contrary, I don’t like pork bindaloo all the same. I hate sweet dish 🙁

Chai (チャイ)


The cup was small.


I like drinking chai with small cup. I feel it’s more tasty with small cup than bigger cup. Well, it is because I saw Indian drinks chai with small cup in India on TV before.

I’m very happy that such a nice bar opened in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa 🙂

Nico take me entirely captive ! I can’t wait till next week !
Of course, Nico is a bar, so you can drink cocktails that is used lassi, chai, awamori and so on. It is fun !


Name Spice Bar NICO (スパイスバー ニコ)
Open Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable

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    Good Indian food.

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