THI THI in Kamata

Rice vermicelli with Lemon grass, THI THI (Kamata) Tokyo
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It’ll become more popular !

Since we heard that a Vietnamese foods restaurant in Kamata was scheduled to be shown on popular TV series among foodies, we went to there before the TV series named “Kodoku no Gurume” being shown !
(I don’t see the TV series though :P)
The restaurant’s name is THI THI.

Everyone except one who can’t drink ordered Biere Larue (ラルービール, 540 yen).
I haven’t seen this beer ever.

Larue beer, THI THI (Kamata), THI THI (Kamata)


To put it nicely, it is easy to drink. But in other words, it is weak. And sweet just a little.
I don’t like beer very much, so it was good for me, but my friend who love beer wasn’t satisfied enough with it and he ordered Kirin beer after finished it 🙂

First of all, speaking of Vietnamese foods, we recall ….
Summer roll with shrimps (えびの生春巻き, 648 yen)

Summer roll with shrimps, THI THI (Kamata)


And then rice paper came.

Rice paper, THI THI (Kamata)


Vietnamese spring roll and shrimp balls set (揚げ春巻きと海老団子のコンボ, 1944 yen)

Vietnamese spring roll and shrimp ball set, THI THI (Kamata)


At first, we wet our rice paper with water in a sprayer and after it got softer, we put some ingredients we want on the rice paper, wrap it then ate.
The spring roll was good. It had much meats. But rice paper was hard to get softer only spraying water. And it took time.I wish they bring it with the state of complete.

And Bánh xèo (バインセオ, 1350 yen)

Bánh xèo, THI THI (Kamata)


I learned that it is similar to Okonomiyaki, but it was like omelet 🙂
Lots of soybean sprouts and leeks were sandwiched.

Spare rib (スペアリブ, 918 yen)

Spare Lib, THI THI (Kamata)


It had strong taste, but it wasn’t too sweet and the meat was tasty.

Rice vermicelli wtih lemon grass (レモングラスのビーフン, 918 yen)

Rice vermicelli with Lemon grass, THI THI (Kamata)


Pho with beef (牛肉のフォー, 918 yen)

Pho with beef, THI THI (Kamata)


We love rice. We love noodles.
Vermicelli and pho is excellent foods for us 😀
Each of noodles had separated ingredients.
We put some of it on the noodles and another good way of eating the separated ingredients was eating as it is like salad.

Three-color dessert with tapioca (タピオカの三色デザート, 540 yen)

Three-color dessert with tapioca, THI THI (Kamata)


Why we chose it was because it looks very brilliant on the menu. It was bright green colored sweets on the menu…. Umm. It wasn’t at all !
But it was tasty. Coconuts juice, tapioka and anko. Anko ? Why anko in it in Vietnamese restaurant… 😛

Deep fried banana (揚げバナナ, 540 yen)

Deep fried banana, THI THI (Kamata)


Deep fried banana !  Awesome !!!

Vietnam-Style Oshiruko (ベトナム風おしるこ, 540 yen)

Vietnam-style oshiruko, THI THI (Kamata)


It wasn’t like oshiruko. But those Southeast Asian sweets are really tasty.

As a whole, those foods are seasoned for Japanese and we could enjoy eating them.


Address / B1F, 5-26-6, Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kamata station (JR)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 12:00 – 22:00
Closed / Mondays



  1. annie says:

    spring rolls and phos are my favourite vietnamese food!! i’m so hungry now 🙁

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    Pho soup is my favorite:) Fun that you got to wrap your own springrolls:)

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