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Closed – [Ginza] Kakigori and pancake at Yukinoshita Ginza (雪ノ下銀座)


We visited Yukinoshita Ginza (雪ノ下銀座) that is popular cafe as pancake and kakigori after a long absence. They are on the 3rd floor of the attracting tomato building. When we got to there, long line reached the 1st floor. They serve kakigori all year around.

Their pancake is thick and soft. And it isn’t much sweet and also fruits are good. So I like their foods.

Kiwi fruits kakigori. It had sourness of kiwi fruits and the shaved ice was soft. So, it’s good for humid summer season!

Kiwi fruits kakigori (キウイのかき氷) 800 yen

It’s autumn-winter flavor. Persimmon. Persimmon from Wakayama kakigori. It had characteristic texture of persimmon. Sticky texture. It’s like sorbet. Not kakigori. But good.

Persimmon from Wakayama kakigori (和歌山産柿氷) 800 yen

Yukinoshita’s pancake is very soft like soufflé. Pancake with strawberries and condense milk is simple having pancake, cream and strawberry. So, we could enjoy the texture and sweetness of soft pancake. This name have “condense milk”, so I imagined that it is very sweet. But it wasn’t too sweet. I like this degree of sweetness. You may imagine, this thick pancake takes much time to bake. It takes about 20 minutes. But it is well worth waiting.

Pancake with strawberries and condense milk (いちごのパンケーキ練乳ミルクの白) 900 yen

Black version of pancake above. Pancake with strawberries, and cocoa and chocolate. It had flavor of cacao and it went with strawberry very well. But somehow, the pancake was firmer than white pancake. Because of cacao ?

Pancake with strawberries, and cocoa and chocolate (いちごのパンケーキココアチョコの黒) 900 yen

This is Autumn-winter flavor, too. Anno-Imo sweet potato pancake. The pancake had mashed sweet potato, and ice cream and sweet potato paste on the pancake. It looks cute, but it’s too sweet for me. So much sweet things on the sweet pancake. If you love sweet potatoes and sweet things so much, you would like it.

Anno-Imo sweet potato pancake (安納芋のパンケーキ) 800 yen

They serve French toast, too. Though they are so popular as pancake and kakigori, this French toast is delicious. And brilliant. Everything was tasty. Especially, this organic lemon soaked in syrup’s smell was good. Fresh cream was served separately. So, at first, I enjoyed without cream and then put some onto the toast.

French toast (フレンチトースト) 900 yen

Their serve variety of drinks. Especially, cold drinks are colorful.

Strawberry and milk (苺の牛乳割, 600 yen), Lemon from Ehime and milk (愛媛産レモンの牛乳割, 600 yen), Kiwi and soda (キウイのソーダ割,500 yen) and Kiwi and milk (キウイの牛乳割, 600yen)

Of course, they have simple coffee and tea, too. And they have a variety of coffee beans from all over the world. This is coffee from Ethiopia.

Coffee from Ethiopia (エチオピア産コーヒー) 500 yen


Name Yukinoshita Ginza (雪ノ下銀座)
Open Lunch through dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
Website Website (in Japanese only), Twitter, Instagram

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