[Tokyo] Spice ramen Manriki (スパイス・ラー麺 卍力) in Nishi-Kasai

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I went to Nishi-Kasai that is the edge of Tokyo, close to Chiba, and also not too far from Maihama that have Tokyo Disney Land the other day. I visited there for visiting Spice ramen Manriki (卍力). I heard they serve unique ramen.

More 10 years have passed since I visited Nishi-Kasai last. When I was a freshman employe, I went to Nishi-Kasai for work. Though I joined some co-workers at lunchtime, I couldn’t understand how to get along with people at office. Afterall, I went out for lunch everyday 🙁
But I didn’t have enough money to have lunch at restaurants because I was still new employee and there were not good restaurants, so I bought my lunch at convenience store and ate it in the park everyday.

Manriki was open in 2014. So, They were not still there when I worked in Nishi-Kasai.

We arrived at the shop about 30 minutes before the opening time and we were first comer, but another people soon came. When the shop was open there were already over 30 people waiting. It is still new shop, but they have already good reputation.

This is their unique ramen. Spice Ramen. It had lots of coriander and spice ! It tasted like curry. Spicy, and delicious. It went with rice very well. The roast pork is juicy and good.

Spice ramen (スパイス・ラー麺) 780 yen


Name Spice Ramen Manriki (スパイス・ラー麺 卍力)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website, Instagram



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