Closed – [Hong Kong] The Sweet Dynasty (糖朝)

Entrance, The sweet dynasty ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602) HONG KONG
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First breakfast in Hong Kong !

My stomach was empty because I ate just a bit in the airport lounge around 5 a.m.
So, I was waiting for restaurants’ opening time ! It was around 10 a.m.

I came to The Sweet Dynasty (糖朝).

Entrance, The sweet dynasty ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


The restaurant is on the underground. There were already many people.

Interior ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


To tell the truth, I came to there 30 minutes before once. But it wasn’t open.
My guidebook says it is open from 7:30 a.m. ! X(

Anyway, I could be seated soon. There were still many vacant seats there.
The Sweet Dynasty is well known as dessert made from mango.
Of course, I came to there for that 🙂

Prices of foods are lower than prices on the menu at lunchtime.

I ordered rice porridge with pork liver (巧製黄沙猪肝粥, 62 HKD).

Rice porridge with pork liver and tea ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


Though the liver was soft and tasty. There was no bad smells. But I should have eaten those livers soon. I think extracts of pork liver don’t go with rice porridge.

Rice porridge with pork liver ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


And mango pudding (芒果凍布丁, 32 HKD). Of course, I ate it. It’s the most popular dessert in The Sweet Dynasty.

Mango pudding, The sweet dynasty ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


The section of pudding. Many cubes of mango in it 🙂 Of course, it was delicious. I ate it up soon !

Section of mango pudding, The sweet dynasty ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


Total amount included tea fee (12 HKD).

Starbucks coffee ,Tim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


Then, I killed time at Starbucks and planned to do afternoon before the check-in time of my hotel.

About The Sweet Dynasty (糖朝)

Address / Shop A, Hong Kong Pacific Center,28 Han Kow Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Station / Tsim Sha Tsui station (MTR)
Website /



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