[Hong Kong] Pearl Premium Guest House (香港真珠賓館) in Mirador mansion

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My hotel in Hong Kong was on 16th floor of Mirador mansion (美麗都大厦) close to Chengking mansions along Nathan road. Truthfully speaking, I wanted to stay in Chengking mansions, but all information and reviews on websites says it’s not safe for woman staying alone.

So I decided to stay in this building. Mirador mansion is smaller than Chengking mansion but it’s almost as same as Chengking mansion.

Mirador Mansion have exchange, Indian shops and lot of Indian people. They seems to live and work in the building.

There are South Asian foods and so on.

I got close to the elevator with my suitcase on the 1F, and a older woman came close to me. She said to me, “Have you got your bed ?”. I answered yes. Maybe she was watching people who try to go to hotel floors and if someone don’t get bed yet, she lead them to her recommendation. Mirador Mansion have several accommodations.

My accommodation was Pearl Premium Guest House (香港賓館) on 16th floor. I learned the front desk is on the 16th floor, so I went up straight to 16F.

Elevator on 16F. My room was in front of the elevator. The building is really old. It work so slow.

This tall building built in wellhole style. I kept wishing that sever earthquake never occur during my staying in the room 🙁

I entered the front desk room on 16th floor and a Indian man welcomed me. He said my room is on the same floor and a woman took me to the room.

This is the entrance of my room. I opened the door with card key and more, there ‘re some private rooms and my room was one of them.  Another key is needed. There’s microwave oven and water server outside these private rooms.

My room. This was far the smallest room that I had stayed ever. My bedspread was wormy and I felt uncomfortable. Somehow (because of tiled room ?) it was so humid in my room.So I kept air-conditioning my room while staying in this room. I felt at uneasy at first. But I got used to this room while staying two nights.

Refrigerator, safety box, TV, outlets, Wifi and shower. And of course, hot water worked (sometime boiling water comes out).

It cost me only 6200(413HKD=62USD) yen for two nights. It’s good hotel if you want to experience old Hong Kong or save your money. I knew such a view within screen only. As a result, it was precious experience for me, though I was shocked at first. By the way, I never met Japanese except me in the building :p


Name Pearl Premium Guest House (香港真珠賓館)
In / Out 3 p.m. / 10 .m.
Booking agoda.com

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