[Kamakura] Hydrangea Festival in Hasedera temple (長谷寺)

Kanagawa & Saitama
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We went to Hase-dera temple (長谷寺) on the second day of our trip to Kamakura.
Hasedera’s hydrangea path (Ajisai-michi) at the top of the temple is so popular among people and so large number of people visit there every year.

Hase-dera map

It was before 10 a.m., but as you see, there were already lots of people there.

When we got to the ticket office, the staff said to us we have to wait about 90 minutes to walk the hydrangea path ! But we couldn’t gave up, so we got tickets for hydrangea path and entered the temple. Our ticket No. was 517 !

Hasedera temple have many sights to see. So, we had no difficulty in waiting for 90 minutes. And we can get out of the temple once and enter again.

Worship hall.

Benten kutsu (弁天窟)

Bentenkutsu is a cave having various statues and devotionals to Benzaiten.

There are so many statues in the cave.
So large number of benzaiten in the cave.

While taking a break in the shade, our ticket number was called. So, we went to the gate of the hydrangea path. But we couldn’t go up soon. There were many people in line.

This is the pavement. About 2500 hydrangeas were in bloom !

Yuigahama beach and hydrangeas.

I was really impressed by the view. Hydrangea world 🙂

The hill is covered with hydrangeas during the season.
A variety of hydrangeas. Everything is hydrangea.


Name Hasedera / Hase-dera (長谷寺)
URL Website, Instagram, Youtube
Fee 400 yen

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  1. renxkyoko says:

    Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. And that garden does look amazing !

  2. annika says:

    Very pretty flowers!

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