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[Hong Kong] Yum Cha breakfast at Serenade Chinese Restaurant (映月樓)


My first trip to Hong Kong was only for three days. And I got up early the last morning and packed my baggage and then I got out for last breakfast in Hong Kong. All I had to do after I got back to my hotel was to procedure check-out my hotel. I went toward Victoria Harbor. I got to Serenade Chinese Restaurant (映月樓) on the opening time sharp, 9:00 a.m.

There were already many groups there. I couldn’t get the best table in front of the window. But still fine view could be seen from my table. Breakfast time is until 11:30 a.m. and we can enjoy yum cha at more inexpensive price than another time. Tea charge was 14 HKD (until 11:30 a.m. on Monday – Friday) and service fee 10% is required.

I ticked the box of foods that I wanted to eat and handled it to the waitress nearby. Everything have photos and the menu is written in Chinese, English and Japanese.

Finally I could eat steamed vermicelli roll having shrimps ! Those shrimps had springy texture and it was tasty. But I couldn’t forget the awesome shrimps that I ate at Mak Man Kee Noodles shop…

Steamed vermicelli roll with shrimps (韮黄鮮蝦腸) 35 HKD

Dumplings with chive. Beautiful. Its skin had springy texture.

Dumplings with chive (瑤柱鮮蝦韮菜餃) 40 HKD

Croaker dim sum. It had minced shrimp and croaker in it. Stuffed meat was soft and tasty. Also the springy outside was good, too. But. You remember ?

Croaker dim sum (東星斑魚餃) 38 HKD

It’s quite differ from the photo on the menus ! I decided to visit this shop to eat this cute fish !


Anyway, this view and foods were good. Last meal at Hong Hong was quite satisfactory.

I ate too much and couldn’t move for a while. I managed to get out of the restaurant and took a break in front of Victoria harbor.


Name Serenade Chinese Restaurant (映月樓)
Open Morning through evening, Night
Reservation Available
Credit card Available

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