Sashimi Bowl / 海鮮丼 / 魚生丼


[Hakodate] Breakfast at Kikuyo Shokudo (きくよ食堂)

Whenever I stay in Hakodate, I eat fresh seafood as breakfast outside my hotel. Kikuyo Shokudo (きくよ食堂 本店) is one of my ...
SHIZUOKA (Atami, Atagawa)

[Atami] Atami-Ekimae Osakanadon-ya (熱海駅前おさかな丼屋)

I visited Izu the other day, and I got off at Atami station on my way to Shimoda to have tuna bowl as lunch. But unfort...

[Ochanomizu] Mountain sashimi bowl at Edofuji (江戸富士)

Because I felt like eating so much sashimi, I visited Edofuji (江戸富士) in Ochanomizu. They are sushi restaurant and they ...

[Nihonbashi] Zeitakudon at Tsujihan (日本橋海鮮丼 つじ半)

Tsujihan's gorgeous sashimi bowl is great. It's like a mountain of sashimi. At first, we eat it as it is, and then we pour soup stock into the bowl and eat as chazuke. They offer double delicious.

[Sapporo] Sashimi bowl at Kita no Gourmet-tei (北のグルメ亭)

Sapporo City Wholesale Market is one of the MUST place to visit when you are in Sapporo. They sell a variety of seafood...

Lunch at Kashigashira (河岸頭) in Tsukiji

When I was asked by someone, "What is the No.1 sashimi bowl in Tsukiji at lunchtime ?", I'll definitely answer, "Kashig...

Tsukiji : Tuna and sardine sashimi bowl at Hajime Sengyo-ten (はじめ鮮魚店)

Same old same old lunch at Hajime Sengyo-ten. To my sad, Hajime Sengyo-ten entirely quit posting about lunch menu of t...

Tsukiji : Marinated tuna and kakiage bowl at Tentatsu (つきぢ 天辰)

Funny rice bowl at lunchtime can be eaten at tempura restaurant. Now I'm exploring new lunch spot around Tsukiji and Kac...

Tsukiji : Spanish mackerel and sardine at Hajime Sengyo-ten (はじめ鮮魚店)

Rice covered with fresh sashimi :) I felt like eating sashimi bowl the other day and went to Hajime Sengyo-ten during l...

Funabashi : Fresh sashimi bowl at Maguro-Ichi (まぐろ市)

Notice : They aren't open during lunchtime now. (Oct 21st, 2017) At maguro-ichi, you can eat whole part of tuna !...

Tsukiji : New shop named “Isuke” (まぐろ専門店 伊助)

Tuna specialty shop's lunchtime. New tuna specialty shop has opened outside Tsukiji Market at the end of last year. A...

Tsukiji : Tuna and scallop at Hajime Sengyo-ten

Though tiresome, great. But I want variation. Recently I often go to Kashigashira for lunch during work and I don't go ...

Tsukiji : Spanish mackerel at Hajime Sengyo-ten

Spanish mackerel ! I managed to go to Hajime Sengyo-ten to have lunch under the brazing sun. The heat is getting to m...

Tsukiji : First bonito and octopus at Hajime Sengyo-ten

"Choice two seafood from five !" Now it is already muggy all day, but I managed to Hajime Sengyo-ten for lunch. Well,...

Tsukishima : Tatsuya – adorable lunch spot

Cozy house serve standard Japanese meals There are still so many lunch spots that I haven't visited yet around my offic...
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