Six Thousands Beef Soup (六千牛肉湯) in Tainan

I searched for good beef soup shop in Tainan before visiting there. And I found many people recommend SIX THOUSANDS BEEF SOUP (六千牛肉湯).
SIX THOUSANDS BEEF SOUP is said to be the best beef soup shop in Tainan.

In addition, beef noodles of each shops aren’t differ from each other as its looking. So, I decided to go the most popular shop 🙂

Appearance, Six thousands beef soup (Tainan)
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Where ?

It’s far from Tainan station.

Essential to wait for a long time

I heard there are many people waiting in line early in the morning. Actually, there were so many people when I visited there !!
I got to there around 7:30 a.m., and I had to wait one hour or so.

Interior, Six thousands beef soup (Tainan)

Not only “for here” but also “to go” is available. Anyway, everyone have to follow the same line at first.

Their specialty is beef soup all the same. Tainan have abattoir, so they can get fresh beef meat and serve meats with rare. Beef soup have rare beef meat. It is one of standard breakfast for Tainanese.

Signboard, Six thousands beef soup (Tainan)

The lady led me to the counter seats in front of the kitchen. Kitchen could be seen very well from my seat. I was lucky.
Because they cook foods for both “for here” and “to go” in order, my beef soup took much time to be served.
The way of cooking is very simple. She only put raw meat into boiling soup.
In case it is for “to go”, she put raw meat into plastic baggage and pour boiling soup into it. It seems very hot…..Amazing.

Kitchen, Six thousands beef soup (Tainan)


They don’t have any drinks (of course, alcoholic drinks, too)
They have several species of beef soup. From right to left, bone marrow soup (骨髄湯), beef soup (牛肉湯), beef liver soup (牛肝湯), beef heart soup (牛心湯), beef rib soup (牛腩湯) and rice (白飯). That’s all. And large helping of soup is 200 TWD.

Menu, Six thousands beef soup (Tainan)

Beef soup

I chose beef soup (牛肉湯, 120 TWD). Many people ordered it.
Much rare meat was in soy sauce-based soup.
But those beef meats looks medium rare from this photo. Yes. When it was served, it was still rare. But the meats were cooked while I was taking photo :p
If you want to have rare meat, you should eat soon after your bowl is served.
Shredded ginger and sauce is prepared at the shelf, and you can get as much as you want.

Beef soup, Six thousands beef soup (Tainan)

The beef soup was seasoned lightly and it’s good for breakfast.
The meats were soft and tasty. There wasn’t bad smell at all.

At first, I ate the beef without anything, and then I ate the beef with ginger, and then dipped into sauce. I like eating meat with ginger best. The sauce is sweet. I didn’t need it.

The amount of soup is rather small. I could have second helping.
Many local men ordered it with rice.

By the way, I saw they took Last Order while waiting my soup. Around 8:00 a.m.
You’d better visit there earlier in the morning.


About the restaurant

Name in English / Six Thousands Beef Soup
Name in Taiwanese / 六千牛肉湯
Address / No. 63, Section 1, Hai’an Road, West Central District, Tainan
Phone / +886 6 222 7603

Open / 5 a.m. – around 8 a.m.
Closed / unknown

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable


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