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[Hualien] Stinky tofu stick at 堂薯薯臭薯條 in Dongdmen night market


Speaking of night life in Hualien, Dongdmen night market (東大門夜市) is well-known. I visited there every night during my staying in Hualien. There used to be four markets in Hualien and those united into one Dongdmen night market. So, it’s a huge market. We can’t enjoy every corner of market only a few nights. Though I visited there every night, it’s not enough.

Dongdmen night market

There were so many stalls along each street. I was at a loss because everything was attracting. But I stopped by the stall. 堂薯薯臭薯條 .They are stinky tofu shop.

Recently I heard the word “stinky sofu stick” so frequently. They sell the stinky tofu stick. I heard the birthplace of stinky tofu stick is Luodong night market (羅東夜市). I found the shop at Shilin night market (士林夜市), too.

Stinky tofu stick is put in a cup like this. So, it’s easy to eat while walking.

8 flavors of stinky tofu stick

From left, Cheese, mustard (perhaps ketchup..), Korean tastes, Thai tastes, honey mustard, tartar sauce, teriyaki, salt and pepper. They accept extra spiciness. They prepare large and small portion.

I ordered a small portion of cheese flavor (特調起司). They fried deeply quickly. It had much pickles. It didn’t have smell of stinky tofu and it looks like French fry.

small portion of cheese flavor (特調起司) 60TWD

Truthfully speaking, I don’t like the texture of deep fried stinky tofu like paper. But it was crisp and good. Its looking is like French fry, but the tastes was like chicken nugget. The sauce was not simple cheese flavor. It had strong barbecue sauce. So, unexpectedly it didn’t have much tastes of cheese. I was disappointed a bit. But it was good.

The pickles were good at the interval of stinky tofu stick. But it was too much. I had to eat it up after eating stinky tofu stick :p

It didn’t have much smell of stinky tofu. So, I recommend it to people who eat stinky tofu for the first time 🙂


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