[Hualien] Wonton soup at Yexiang wonton (液香扁食店)

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Speaking of Hualien, wonton soup is their specialty. Wonton is written “餛飩” in Taiwanese, but in Hualien, it is written “扁食”. There are some popular 扁食 shop in Hualien. Yexiang wonton (液香扁食店) is one of the shop. They are over 80 years old. Long-established shop !

Wonton soup is kept cooking at the entrance. There’s a cashier on the left near the entrance. So, at first, we need to wait in line. Both TO GO and FOR HERE. They have wonton soup (70 TWD) only. We just need to say, TO GO or FOR HERE, and how many of wonton soup. And after we pay money, staff give us to receipt having waiting number.

Though the entrance is small, the room is large at the back of the shop. After we pay money at the cashier, we need only to wait at the table as we like. Staff call our number on the receipt and serve wonton soup after a few minutes. Spoon and chopsticks are at the corner, and we can get at there as we need. There’s vinegar, spicy miso and soy sauce on each table.

By the way, my receipt had word ‘Foreign guest’, so I expected that they call number in English, but they call in Chinese :p But it’s not difficult to hear because they call three numbers. So, you can know pronunciation on the internet while waiting 🙂

This is wonton soup. The cup itself isn’t large. But it have about 10 wonton, so it’s heavy. The soup was seasoned with salt and soy sauce lightly, and it have celery, deep fried green onion and garlic. Flavorful.

wonton soup (扁食) 70 TWD

Its skin had springy texture, but the filling inside was fixed tightly.

I thought it don’t go with spicy miso, so I tried to put it into the soup at the end. My expectation was right. The spicy miso kill the mild flavor of the soup. So, it tasted just spicy. If you try, you’d better put from just a little.


Name Yexiang wonton (液香扁食店)
Open Morning through noon
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