[Tainan] Shennong Street (神農街) at night

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I heard Shennong street (神農街) in the evening have nostalgic atmosphere, so, I visited there after dinner.

Shennong street in the evening is dim.
I think it’s because they want to keep this atmosphere, there’s not much lights.
Once you go into the back street from busy street, you can enjoy such a another world.

Because it wasn’t tourist season, many shops were closed. But thanks to that, we could enjoy such a nostalgic world.
Everyone enjoyed taking photo. Me, too.

But my camera didn’t work well in such a dark condition.

Also there are some mausoleums.

I liked this atmosphere. I heard this street in the daytime is good, too.
But not only this street but also there are some streets having good atmosphere like this. So, taking a walk in Tainan is really fun.

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