[Kaohsiung] QQ Tapioca shaved ice (QQ粉圓冰) close to San Feng Gong

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Whenever I visit Taiwan, I want to enjoy Taiwanese shaved ice. I heard there’s a inexpensive shop close to San Feng Gong temple. The shop’s name is QQ Tapioca shaved ice (QQ粉圓冰). They are located far from Kaohsiung station a bit. But it’s worth to visit.

As their name, they sell shaved ice mainly. “QQ” means “springy texture” and “粉圓” means tapioca. Yes. their specialty is springy tapioca. But they don’t have English menus and they speak only Chinese. Of course, I don’t understand Chinese language and I examined their menu in advance. So inexpensive ! We can have shaved ice with only 10 TWD. Their most popular shaved ice is “黒糖粉圓冰”. 10 TWD for “For here”. They also sell soy milk pudding.

All seats are outside. At first, we need to order at the checkout counter and pay. And then they hand your food to us.

I chose No.1 shaved ice. Shaved ice with tapioca and black syrup. It’s very simple shaved ice. Shaved ice, black syrup and tapioca. That’s all.

Shaved ice with tapioca and black syrup (黒糖粉圓冰) 10TWD

It had incredibly much tapioca ! I love tapioca. So I felt so happy with such a hearty tapioca ! Of course, it’s springy and tasty !

Not only its tastes but also such a tranquil scene was great!

QQ Tapioca shaved ice is close to SAN FENG GONG temple (三鳳宮) that is so popular spot for tourists in Kaohsiung. So, we can enjoy both shaved ice and solemn temple 🙂


Name QQ Tapioca shaved ice (QQ粉圓冰)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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