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[Taipei] Beef noodles at 沈記原汁牛肉麵 in Songjiang Market


Beef noodles is one of the food that I’m looking forward to eat when I visit Taiwan. But they have a variety of “beef noodles”. Narrows, wide like kishimen, vermicelli…. Yes, they call “beef noodles” if it have noodles and beef :p

Songjiang market is a market that is open from morning. 沈記原汁牛肉麵 is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the B1F of the building.

When I got to there past 3:30 p.m., they closed once to prepare for dinner time. And when I got to there around 5 p.m., they prepare for dinner time outside of the building. So, you’d better avoid this time.

And then I went to there again past 7 p.m., the stall was complete.

The stall is small, but there’re tables and chairs at the back of the stall. They are under the roof, so we can avoid rainfall.

This is the menu. Just it. Beef soup, beef noodles… yes, beef only :p By the way, 牛肉麺 (small 110 TWD) is beef noodles having beef meat and 牛肉湯麺 (small 60 TWD) don’t have beef meat. So, it’s inexpensive. They accept both For here and To go.

They have two types of noodles. Narrow and wide. Once the chef recognized I’m not Taiwanese, he pointed the piece of magazine and said “Noodles (Which) ?” I chose wide noodles. Small size of beef noodles having beef meat. It have had much beef noodles.

牛肉麵 小 (Beef noodles – small) 110 TWD

The soup had extract of beef and was seasoned with soy sauce. It didn’t have much flavor of star annis. So, it’s really familiar with Japanese. The tendon meat was simmered and soft. Though the meat looked tough,it was far softerthan expected. Declicious. It had about 6 pieces of meat.

The wide noodles was thick and had springy texture. It wasn’t dressed with soup well, so I think the soup go with narrow noodles better. But I like this noodles itself. The soup was simple, so the flavor and texture of green onion was outstanding. I love green onion.

They prepare sour pickles and another seasonings to change tastes. So, I enjoyed some flavor. Especially, I like eating it with garlic and chili oil. Small is enough.


Name 沈記原汁牛肉麵 (沈記牛肉麵)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
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