Ginza : Spicy noodles at SIBIRE NOODLE Rousokuya (蝋燭屋)

I heard there’s a delicious mapo dofu noodles shop in Ginza area and actually visited there. The shop’s name is SIBIRE NOODLE Rousokuya. There were long line at lunchtime. Also Rengatei (煉瓦亭) on the left of Rousokuya have long line at lunchtime, too. So, it’s hard to find the border between those two shops with easily :p

Appearance, Rousokuya (Ginza)

Rousokuya’s “Rousoku” means candles.
Their name is from “ガス灯通り” (= gas light street) that is the name of the street in front of this shop. And SHIBIRE means “spicy” ! Yes. Their ramen is all spicy.

Appearance at night, Rousokuya (Ginza)

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Mapo dofu noodles is limited

I heard in advance, there’re many people visiting. But when I got to there around 6:30 p.m. on weekdays, there was no line, and there were many vacant seats.

But mapo dofu noodles that is the most popular noodles was already sold out.
Though I visited there for several times, I always see this paper “Mapo dofu Sold out !” at dinner time 🙁

Sold out, Rousokuya (Ginza)

If you want to eat mapo dofu noodles without fail, you’d better go to there at lunchtime, they say they prepare as much mapo dofu noodles as they serve at lunchtime.


Though they didn’t have English menus, now they have one.

They have four types of spicy noodles. From the top,
Mapo dofu noodles (麻婆麺)
Hot and sour noodles (酸辣湯麺) 
Tantanmen noodles (担々麺)
No soup tantanmen noodles (汁無し担々麺)

Spiciness of all noodles can be choosen from three degrees. Low (薄辛) , Middle (普辛) and High (倍辛).

If you want to have more and more spicy one, you can have more chili pepper, sichuan pepper and chili oil with extra charge (100 yen) each.
Another, they serve cold noodles in summer.

Well, the English menu don’t have additional toppings, rice and drinks. This is Japanese menu.

*Additional Toppings
Simmered egg (味玉, 120 yen), minced meat (挽肉, 200 yen), green vegetables (青菜, 100 yen), Green onions (葱, 100 yen), Coriander (パクチー, 200 yen)

Half rice (半ライス, 100 yen), Regular rice (ライス, 150 yen), Mapo dofu rice (麻婆ライス, 380 yen), Simmered pork rice (豚角煮ご飯, 380 yen),Buns with simmered pork (豚角煮バンズ, 380 yen)

Middle bottle of Asahi SuperDry(スーパードライ中瓶, 500 yen), Highball (ハイボール, 480 yen), Black oolong tea (黒烏龍茶, 300 yen)

Half rice is free of charge at lunchtime until 3:30 p.m. (Of course, weekends, too.)
All noodles have local sichuan pepper.
There’s a ticket vending machine at the door inside the shop.

Ticket vending machine, Rousokuya (Ginza)


The shop is narrow but long, There’re counter seats on the left and right along each wall. The kitchen is at the back of the shop.
They prepare paper apron on each seats.
Condiments on the table. From left (behind toothpick) to right, Blended vinegar, Chili and Budou Sancho Oil.

Table, Rousokuya (Ginza)

Budou Sansho oil (ぶどう山椒) is Taihaku sesami oil that is boiled with Budou Sansho (a kind of sichuan pepper produced in Kisyu of Wakayama prefecture)
Budou means grape. It’s grown like grape.
This oil is flavorful.

There’s a explanation about those condiments on the wall, so, I use it as preference and ate.

Budou Sansho oil – For all noodles, especially for no soup tantanmen noodles and mapo dofu noodles
Blended vinegar – Good for No soup tantanmen noodles, hot and sour noodles
Chili – Good for tantanmen noodles


Mapo dofu noodles

We can eat another menu even at dinner time, mapo dofu noodles (麻婆麺, 1000 yen) can be eaten only during lunchtime. So, I visited there 20 minutes before the opening time on Saturday and waited. As its name, mapo dofu noodles is noodles having sichuan spicy mapo dofu on it.I added simmered egg (味玉, 120 yen), too.
As well as mapo dofu noodles, sometimes simmered egg is sold out at dinner time.

Mapo tofu noodles, Rousokuya (Ginza)

Because it was lunchtime, I got rice with free of charge. I ate it at the intervals of eating mapo dofu noodles because the mapo dofu was really spicy. But it’s also good to put the rice into the soup or put mapo dofu onto the rice 🙂

rice, Rousokuya (Ginza)

Thicker springy noodles is under the mapo dofu. It was dressed with mapo dofu very well. Though I ordered my mapo dofu noodles with normal spiciness, it’s so spicy. But delicious .I couldn’t stop chopsticks.
Of course, it’s delicious. but I think it’s also good to eat rice and this mapo dofu noodles only… This mapo dofu itself is really good.

Noodles of mapo tofu noodles, Rousokuya (Ginza)

It’s natural thing that people visit for this and wait so long 🙂

Tantanmen noodles

When I visited there for the first time, I ate it. Tantanmen noodles (担々麺, 1000 yen) with normal spiciness.
There’s minced meat, chili oil, white sesame, black sesame, ground white sesame, peanuts and so on. It looks not spicy.

Tantanmen noodles, Rousokuya (Ginza)

Actually, it don’t have much chili pepper, but there are much sichuan pepper.
It have thin noodles. It have smooth texture by sesame but have strong spiciness of sichuan pepper. It’s delicious.

noodles of Tantanmen noodles, Rousokuya (Ginza)

Mapo dofu noodles was good, but I like this noodles, too !

By the way, this is strong spiciness one 🙂 I ate it last time.

The color of the soup is deeper than normal one. Actually, my nose smelled stronger flavor of sichuan pepper.
But it wasn’t too spicy. So, I felt comfortable at first. But after a while, sichuan pepper bites my tongue. So, I think normal one is better than strong one in that we can enjoy the ramen until last.

No soup tantanmen noodles

I tried no soup tantanmen noodles (汁無し担々麺, 980 yen), too.
Somehow it’s 20 yen more inexpensive than another noodles.

dandan noodles, Rousokuya (Ginza)

I think it’s as same noodles as mapo dofu noodles. this noodles dressed with the sauce is sticky. It’s hard to mix altogether. Much minced meat, peanuts, black sesame, white sesame, chili pepper, green onion, dried shrimp and sauce on it. I mixed it altogether well and ate it.

mixed dandan noodles, Rousokuya (Ginza)

The sauce is thick. It’s similar to dandan noodles of Unrinbo (雲林坊) in Akihabara.
Putting Budou sichuan pepper onto it added refreshing tastes.

Hot and sour noodles

I completed all regular menus of Rousokuya !
This is hot and sour noodles (酸辣湯麺, 1000).

It’s differ from another three noodles. It don’t have much sichuan pepper. It’s tangy and spicy. It’s addictive as well as another noodles !

There’re some women who ate it. I like it, too.

There’re much mushrooms in it like enoki mushroom. So, it’s healthy a bit.
The sourness is light,, so, even if you don’t like strong sourness, you may be able to eat it with easily.

There’re coriander on it, but I needed more. SO, I ordered extra coriander with 200 yen.

Normal spiciness is enough spicy

I recommend normal spiciness except people who is spiceholic.
I like all noodles very much except dandan noodles. I’ll go there so often after works (alreday I visit there several times…) I wish we can eat mapo dofu noodles at dinner time, too !
*Though their dandan noodles was good, it is not my testes.
But everyone who eat it i the shop enjoy it and it’s popular noodles, too.

By the way, my best dandan noodles shop is Aun in Yushima !

Yushima : Dandan noodles and coriander at Aun (四川担担麺 阿吽)
Level 6 !? Recently I feel like eating something spicy foods because of muggy weather. I remember Sichuan Dandan noodle Aun in Yushima serve perfect spicy noodles. So, I go there whenever I want...

About SIBIRE NOODLES Rousokuya (蝋燭屋)

Address / 3-5-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-6263-2970

Open / 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / Sundays

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted
English menu / OK
URL / Twitter


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