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[Tokyo] Taiwanese tofu pudding at Tokyo Mamehana Kobo (東京豆花工房) in Awajicho


Recently Taiwan is one of the hottest place to visit for Japanese. So, many shops and restaurant that serve Taiwanese sweets are open here and there in Japan. I’m glad 🙂 Also Tofu pudding shop is open in Awajicho area. So, I visited there. Tokyo Mamehana Kobo (東京豆花工房) has been there since 2015. Unexpectedly a few years have already passed. I didn’t know about this shop.

There’s Tonkatsu Manpei that is popular as deep fried oysters and fried oysters with butter that can be eaten in Winter close to Tokyo Mamehana Kobo.

There’re only two tables having three chairs each and one bench. Very small shop. Much people buy tofu pudding to go. There’s a park close to the shop, so it’s good to buy tofu pudding at this shop and eat in the park if there’s no vacant seats.

“豆花” means tofu pudding. Simple but cute signboard attracted me. Tofu pudding is mad of soy milk and sweet potatoes powder. One of popular Taiwanese sweets. I love it. I visit Taiwan for eating it 😉

Menu is simple. 
*Tofu pudding 500 yen (プレーン豆花)
*Tofu pudding with toppings 650 yen (トッピング豆花)

Each tofu pudding could be chosen from warm one and cold one (around March-October only) having shaved ice on it.

In case we order tofu pudding with toppings, we can choose toppings as much species as we want from the refrigerator. Regularly they prepare peanuts, red beans (azuki), White fungus, pearl barley, green beans, shiratama (rice-flour dumplings), tapioca. And another they prepare some toppings (one or two) changing by the day. When I visited there for the first time, they had sweet potatoes. If you want, they put all toppings on it 😉

When I visited there for the first time, I ordered tofu pudding with all toppings. 8 species of toppings covered tofu pudding colorfully. Also shaved ice is on it. And sweet brown syrup. When I ordered it, the staff asked me whether I need shaved ice or not. Some people ordered with no ice.

The tofu pudding is so smooth. I think the amount of toppings were too much. Of course if you want to enjoy those colorful toppings, it’s good, but if you want to enjoy the tastee of tofu pudding, I recommend simple tofu pudding without toppings.

Green beans, red beans, peanuts and pearl barley is seasoned with much sugar, so it’s quite sweet. And syrup itself is enough sweet, so, if you want to have tofu pudding with less sweetness, you’d better choose another toppings.

They have their official Facebook page and they show their limited toppings of the day on the page. And I found they prepare taro balls on the page the other day, so I hurried to the shop. I love taro balls ! I ordered cold tofu puddings with toppings. I chose boba, white fungus and taro balls ! It looks simple compared with first time 🙂 But i like it better than one with all toppings above.

Taro balls ! But to my sad, there were only three taro balls ! But it had springy texture and tasty ! It’s “QQ” ! (“QQ” is springy in Taiwanese)

This is cold tofu pudding without toppings. Tofu pudding, syrup, shaved ice. That’s all. It had more tofu puddings than tofu pudding with toppings. Anything disturbed me and tofu pudding. The tastes of soybeans directly into my feelings. I like it best !

Their syrup is brown syrup all year around. But they prepare also ginger syrup in addition to brown syrup when they serve warm tofu pudding only (from at the end of October to ?) Warm ginger syrup.

This is warm tofu pudding with ginger syrup without toppings. The syrup was based on brown sugar, and strong ginger attacked me. Actually, it’s warming dessert ! Delicious. If you like sweets having strong ginger, I recommend it. Of course, without toppings or one or two toppings.

I tried warm tofu pudding with all toppings, too. Warm shiratama is soft and tasty ! But warm tofu pudding with all toppings is, as you think, sweeter than cold one. it’s like O-shiruko that is Japanese confectionery. Though it’s good if you like very sweet things, but if you don’t, I recommend your toppings is shiratama, tapioca, white fungus. Not with peanuts, beans and so on.


Name Tokyo Mamehana Kobo (東京豆花工房)
Open Day through evening
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URL Website, Instagram

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