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[Tokyo] Acai bowl at Island Vintage Coffee in Daiba


I missed acai bowl that I ate at Hawaii, so I had breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee in Decks Tokyo Beach bldg. Speaking of Island Vintage, I remember Royal Hawaiian Center branch is so popular among Japanese. Their acai bowl is loved by many Japanese. And another they have cona coffee, poke bowl and so on. There are some branches in Japan. Aoyama and so on.

But Daiba branch faces beach, so I felt I’m in Hawaii in this Daiba branch. Actually we can’t see beach from the shop though :p I ordered at the counter close to the entrance. And I paid. And I got number and waited for a while. Then the staff served me.

They are L-shaped shop. There’re many tables on the left. All tables have four chairs each. They have much tables.

Menu. I think menu is as same as in Hawaii. They have poke bowl, too. Price is as same as Hawaii. More inexpensive a bit ?

I had acai bowl and cafe latte. There was few people in the shop because it was just opening time, so my food was served in 10 minutes.

This is acai bowl. I think it’s smaller than that in Hawaii. But it was just for me. So, I think Half is quit small. It had banana, strawberry, blueberry and mint.

Acai bowl (アサイーボウル) 1650 yen

It had much acai pastes. It’s sour and sweet, and had the tastes of banana. Cold and delicious. It’s really good when I don’t have appetite. So, when I get to Hawaii after long flight, I always eat acai bowl at first.

And hot cafe latte. It had mild because of milk foam. Good. The acai bowl and cafe latte gave me Hawaiian time. This cup say “When you miss Hawaii, here is the best place”. Not ?

Hot cafe latte Regular(ホットカフェラテ レギュラーサイズ) 670 yen


Name Island Vintage Coffee Daiba (アイランドヴィンテージコーヒー お台場店)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website

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