Mosuke Dango (茂助だんご) in Toyosu Market


After I enjoyed breakfast at Tenfusa, I was full but I felt like eating something sweet foods. So, I walked around the management building.
And I stopped in front of Mosuke Dango. I searched for something on the menu and I found one that is light confectionery.

Toyosu Market : Restaurants floor of Seika building and Kanri building
Toyosu Market was launched on October 11st. I already visited for several times. Toyosu Market have many delicious foods...


There’s a menu with photos in front of the shop. Also they have light meal, for example, chazuke, zoni. They recommend anmitsu all the same 🙂

Summer-limited menu. Shaved ice. Those looks delicious.


This red umbrella is attracting from its outside, and also I felt good at the under of it.

Many people visit this shop for getting daifuku, dango and so on. So, there are always many vacant seats in the shop, even though many people gather around the shop.
Also there are more seats than in former Tsukiji market.

Ice cream with Kinako, Kuromitsu and Shiratama

Well, this is the confectionery that I thought I can eat up with easily even I’m full.
Ice cream with Kinako, Kuromitsu (brown syrup) and shiratama (きな粉黒蜜白玉アイス, 520 yen).

It have smaller matcha and vanilla ice cream. And azuki (red bean pastes), shiratama,  and kinako on it. Ice cream and azuki is like drinks, so, solid is only shiratama :p

Those ice cream had refreshing tastes and was not too sweet. So, it go with sweet red bean pastes well.

Eating shiratama with melting ice cream and red bean is like in the heaven 🙂
Their shiratama have springy texture. I should have ordered extra shiratama (白玉増量, 150 yen). I thought brown sugar is useless because red bean paste is sweet.
But the flavor of the brown sugar added more flavory. We can enjoy quite another flavor.

It’s good for basking in the afterglow of breakfast at Toyosu Market. This atmosphere, too.

I was satisfied with their cold confectionery, and then I brought it to the cashier for pay.

About Mosuke Dango (茂助だんご)

Address / Management building 3F, 6-6-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-6633-0873

Open / 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Closed / Market’s holidays

Reservation / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted
Credit card / Unavailable


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