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[Akihabara] Spice Ramen Manriki (スパイス・ラー麺 卍力)


I knew a branch of Manriki (卍力) that is popular ramen shop as “spice ramen” was open in Akihabara area quite before, and finally I visited there. Also I knew their spice ramen is delicious and it’s my tastes when I ate in Nishi-Kasai head shop and I wanted to eat again. So, I was glad that they have a branch at such a convenient place.

They have L-shaped counter table surrounding kitchen. Larger as ramen shop. There’s a ticket vending machine on the right at the door. They were open in August, 2019. So, it’s still new. The object “卍” is cool. They are open throughout from day and night. So, we can avoid busy hour.

When I ate their spice ramen at Nishi-Kasai, I thought it’s good with much coriander. So, I bought a ticket of Spice Coriander ramen this time. So, it have much coriander. And it’s right decision. Unless you don’t like coriander, I recommend much coriander. The soup is spicy like curry. And it was sour a bit and have coriander, so also I felt it’s like Thai Tom yum goong.

Spice Coriander ramen (スパイス・パクチーラーメン) 1030 yen

The medium noodles dressed with the spicy soup (well, I want call it’s sauce :)) was good. Delicious. I felt it became milder than that I ate at Nishi-Kasai, but my sense of tastes might be change because I ate much spicy foods…

If you don’t like coriander, they change it to green onion.

And if you love coriander, they have Spice double coriander ramen (W), spice triple coriander ramen(T). I saw my friend’s photo when he ate Triple, the surface was entirely covered with coriander :p And we can have extra spice. I ate Spice coriander ramen with semi-extra hot and spice before. The surface became powdery. It was very hot. It’s my tastes.

With semi-extra hot and spice (半辛・スパイス増し) 120 yen


Name Spice ramen Manriki Akihabara (スパイス・ラー麺 卍力 秋葉原店)
Open Lunch through dinner
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